View Full Version : Upcoming patch 0.934

05-24-2016, 07:22 PM
changed Concentration: Poison passive bonus to poison damage instead of cold (Tuidjy)
now show durability info on broken icon on main game screen (Destro*)
now free recruits at the beginning of games can't be higher level than the player (Destro*)
now show monster level of areas on world map (Destro*)
escape on beta menu now goes back to game
reworked mouse input a little to improve accuracy some (especially in lower fps situations)
made entity selection tighter a little
fixed high level monsters showing up in low levels
made quest history & map icons on clan get quests screen a little smaller (PixelLord)
fixed a rare multiplayer crash in World::clearTileCache & World::getTile
no longer get luminary messages from other player clans
bulletin board of enemy clans no longer shows up on minimap (ScrObot)
no longer show clan area on gate list from other player clans that have left game
changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 51
fixed other clan town attacks starting in player clan area
made doesn't have skill on NPCs read a little better (ScrObot)
now item comparison person only changes when you hit left/right and an item is selected
now left/right works to change item/person comparison on clan trading screens (ScrObot)

05-25-2016, 07:23 PM
fixed vendors being able to attack your doors (narnach)
now show current crafting items on item text (Throwback)
added Infection Spread Zombie Knowledge
now when possessed effect is added or removed update name correctly (Crisses)
now pets follow you correctly during raids (Hell_MINTH)
fixed guard level/data in higher difficulties (ScrObot)
now unique monsters that are spawned normally go to clan that forced them to spawn
now left/right can go to previous/next recruit (MindDefect)
fixed other clans sometimes having statues
fixed effects on dimensional gates, jars, and spider webs
now add player info to log when a hardcore or semi-hardcore character die permantently (Lan)
now show correct icon when showing recruit items as the secondary item text (ScrObot)
increased MaxRangeFinishingExtra from 25.0 to 40.0
unique monsters and renegades can now use uprisings as reinforcements
now NPCs' happiness goes up a little when you talk to them and they have something to day (Throwback)
fixed stealth passive bonus really being a penalty instead (Tuidjy)
actors should no longer attack open doors (Lan)
fixed zombie imp death/dying anims not matching up correctly