View Full Version : Kivi need a second chance

10-12-2016, 10:38 AM
Having thought a lot about this, I decided to create a topic. First excuse my non-English native speaker English.
I really think Kivi's Underworld needs a second chance. For me it is an extremely fun game to play, well thought, well written and I think that if it is not a great hit, it's because of purely cosmetic reasons.
So I suggest that Kivi benefits from a remake, a director's cut or whatever you call it, but a graphical overal.
The gameplay, the scenario, the level design, the bestiary are perfect. Don't touch anything but the graphics. You could hire a 2D character designer and you would have one of the most awsome games in the world. I was thinking of huge character portraits during the dialogs, just like in JRPG (for example in the action adventure series Ys) or visual novels (for example in Cinders).



I could launch a petition but is it really necessary.