View Full Version : Help with some modding

10-26-2016, 06:05 AM
Hello Folks,

I was trying to make a mod for regenerating health and a couple of other things I want to do. I am at work right now (so shhhhhh), so I have no access to the files.

I had limited success with creating an aura to regenerate health, basically I got it to work on my allies, but not the pc. So my pets and my party members etc were all regenerating health through the aura, but not my avatar (so I have modded skill.gdb skilltree.gdb and statuseffects.gdb).

Another thing I want to do (just for messing around really) is to have a "spell" to increase happiness and reduce insanity of my peeps. Maybe one for creating food. Like I said it for when I want to mess around.

Also is there anyway to make it so you can repair destroyed doors/dead guards?

Lastly, is there a way to make a passive skills that gives you resistances based on vitality stat? I have had no success with this at all. I was able to have a passive skill for having Power regen through vitality.

Either way, thanks in advance.