View Full Version : Quest related bugs

12-31-2007, 11:10 AM
Ahhh I regret not posting some of these as soon as I ran across them, so hopefully my memory isn't as fuzzy as I think it is.

1) Quests left alone for awhile with specific NPC's i.e. kodiaks that are changed by other quests or events can have those types of NPC's despawned or overwritten. There's no code locking that particular type of NPC to that map until the quest is complete or rejected. For example, one time I had a quest that was kill 10 someting or other, didn't finish it, had 3 left and would come back later to it. By the time I got back a level or two later the every NPC had changed to lightning eles and there were no more kodiaks to be found no matter how many I killed.

2) From what I remember I've lost group credit because one of the monsters in the group disappeared and started another group on another map. There should be some code that removes currently grouped quest uniques from the spawning pool. The worst occurence of this was when I was in some dungeon and the bosses even though they were a group, had somehow split up either by spawning or by events in the game world. After hours of clearing the place trying to find him, he eventually despawned and spawned elsewhere in another quest and I couldn't get quest credit (quest failed, otherwise I would have hunted down the new quest).

There is one more and this one's fresh in my mind since it just happened from tonight's play but since fought my way through and beat it so I've decided to start a "War Stories" thread with it :)