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11-27-2016, 09:29 PM
Here are some various mods I've made, one of them based on the work of others with some changes or additions. The Weapon Balance mod is the one I made some changes to. I fixed the issue with remote mines not working and also increased the Recharge rate of 'fast charge' shields to twice the original rate just like the original mod did with regular shields. I may have made some other adjustments, but, I can't remember specifically. Original values are included in all the mods after the "//" which tells the game to ignore anything after // on that line.

In addition I included a mod to increase the Marine spawn chance when you find crew to .75 from .25.

There is also a mod that increases Engine thrust values by 50% per level from the normal per level gains. The defense value on engines remains the same although you may change it if you prefer.

There is an EM mod in which I increase the damage dealt by EM weapons significantly.

There is a mod which increases the range at which marines can board and also decreases the amount of power necessary to board significantly. I tried to find a way to allow marines to board even when the shields are up, but, I was not as of yet able to figure out a way to make that happen. My main reasoning for wanting to do that is I find it hard to hit the keys quickly enough to get my marines onto an enemy vessel after lowering their shields with an attack. It may not be possibly to change though. If anyone finds a way please let me know.

These mods definitely lower difficulty as I intended, however if that is not what you are looking for you can make changes to the files within the mod(s) to suit your purposes.

To install the mods simply copy the zip file to one of these two directories depending on whether or not you own the expansion as well.
Drox Operative\Assets
Drox Operative - Invasion of the Ancients Expansion\Expansions\Exp1\Assets

There are two more mods I will include in another post as you can only attach a maximum of 5 files per post. If this limit is per thread I'll make a new one.

11-27-2016, 09:34 PM
Here are the two other mods referenced in the post above.

The first one adjusts ALL beam weapons including Freezer and Virus types by increasing their damage and also their range from 25 to 30.

The second mod adjusts ONLY the standard beam weapons and does NOT adjust the Freezer or Virus types.

Install these in the same way referenced in the post above.

If you are looking for adjustments to weapons other than the beam weapons those will be found in the "WeaponsRebalance_MYFINAL.zip" file in the post above.

Hopefully somebody finds these useful besides me, lol.

It's been a lot of fun re-visiting this game some two years later.

Maybe we'll see a sequel some day? That would be neat.