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01-03-2017, 01:35 PM
Here is some odd stuff that you guys might like.

1) First is changinq wands and staffs into ranged weapons. In skills.gdb find SkillBowAttackBase and look for the line that says:
WeaponType WeaponBow
WeaponType WeaponWand
WeaponType WeaponStaff

create a new skill:

Base SkillBowAttackBase

Projectile ProjArcaneBlast
TextureName Textures/Icons/Items/staves2_quarterstaff.tga

go to skilltrees.gdb, find SkillTreeMagician and replace:
Skill SkillAttackMagician
// Skill SkillAttackMagician
Skill SkillBowAttackMagician

You can do this for every magic-user skill tree, changing the projectile to something appropriate.

2) adding more skills
Each skill tree seems to have a cap on the maximum number of skills and already be at that cap. At the top of each tab are several basic skills that enable your character to use certain equipment. To free up space for new skills, you can combine those seperate skills into one skill.

Base BaseSkillBasic

BaseName $$LeatherArmor$$
Desc $$BasicLeatherArmorDesc$$

TextureName Textures/Icons/Items/chest_mail_chain.tga

ItemRequirement ArmorLeather
ItemRequirement ArmorMail
ItemRequirement ArmorPlate
ItemRequirement Shield
ItemRequirement WeaponDagger
ItemRequirement WeaponAxe
ItemRequirement WeaponAxeTwoHanded
ItemRequirement WeaponSword
ItemRequirement WeaponSwordTwoHanded
ItemRequirement WeaponMace
ItemRequirement WeaponMaceTwoHanded


3) I'm trying out these new basic skills to make characters wielding 2-handed weaponry behave differently. Hitting much harder but moving and attacking slower. Of course, it hasn't been balanced at all.

Base BaseSkillBasic

BaseName $$WandMastery$$
Desc $$WandMasteryDesc$$

TextureName Textures/Icons/Items/wands_archmage.tga
DynamicStatMultCastTime -0.25
DynamicStatMultProjectileSpeedMult 0.25

WeaponType WeaponWand

RequiredSkill-One SkillBasicWand


Base BaseSkillBasic

BaseName $$StaffMastery$$
Desc $$StaffMasteryDesc$$

TextureName Textures/Icons/Items/staves_maelstrom.tga
StatMultMaxPower 0.5
DynamicStatMultProjectileDamage 0.15
PassiveDynamicStatMultSpellDamage 0.15
StatMultMovement -0.5

WeaponType WeaponStaff

RequiredSkill-One SkillBasicStaff


Base BaseSkillBasic

BaseName $$TwoHandedMasterySkill$$
Desc $$TwoHandedMasteryDesc$$

TextureName Textures/Icons/Skills/twohandedmastery.tga

StatMultAttack 0.1
DamageMultPhysical 0.25
StatMultMovement -0.2
StatMultAttackSpeed 0.25

WeaponType WeaponAxeTwoHanded
WeaponType WeaponSwordTwoHanded
WeaponType WeaponMaceTwoHanded

RequiredSkill-One SkillBasicSwordBoth
RequiredSkill-One SkillBasicAxeBoth
RequiredSkill-One SkillBasicMaceBoth


Changing the skills or skilltrees will have strange effects on existing characters. Your Conjurer with 5 levels in Chain Lightning might instead have 5 levels of Residual Energy when you reload him.

01-05-2017, 09:18 PM
Created a forum account just to thank you for posting this. Keep us updated on that 2-Handed weapon modding, it sounds like a good way to diversify weapon classes!

Also, while I haven't tried implementing it yet, I'd really appreciate a little more detail on point 2). I'm a bit lost on what to modify to implement changes. Maybe an example could help?

01-06-2017, 09:01 PM
That cap is very interesting. Thanks for sharing, I didn't know about it at all.

05-19-2017, 09:16 PM
RL's been really busy lately. I haven't had time to do much of anything and I need to play more with the new version before modding again.

Here's my idea for creating chain combo's
attack skill 1 causes status effect A
attack skill 2 targets enemies with status effect A and causes status effect B
attack skill 3 targets enemies with status effect B and causes status effect C
attack skill 4 targets enemies with status effect C and causes status effect D

attacks 2, 3, and 4 are passive skills that trigger automatically and each one is 25% stronger than the previous skill. Perhaps each one has an increasingly long cooldown to give variety to the combo. You could also try adding a few more in between and staggering the cooldowns and time stats to change the chain depending on what's ready each time. The status effects are there to provide targeting for the attack skills, but they could also provide increasingly severe debuffs.

I'm also thinking about rebalancing the combat system by giving normal attacks 50% chance to stun for 1 sec and giving everyone an automatic attack that does heavy damage to stunned enemies.

05-19-2017, 10:26 PM
Really interesting idea.

I had a different approach. I was going to try to make Fire Mage work by having each spell gives a powerful temporary buff, which strongly encourages switching between spells and leveling up multiple spells without suffering huge penalties for not investing into only one skill. And, of course, if you have more cast speed, you get rewarded with greater power.

Your idea Tigrath seems like it could be really cool on a Monk themed class. Thanks for sharing!