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12-31-2007, 11:52 AM
Post your best/worst fights, encounters and war stories! I'll start.

Was playing rogue tonight and having just started I was about level 10-12 ish and in the Wicked Desert with3 boss quests, 2 collect/kill random crap and a storyline quest. I thought I'd be done in half an hour in time for dinner with a pile of xp and hopefully a level and some stats. Yeah.. half an hour ;)

The kill/collect quests were done fairly quickly and soon I sighted the first group of bosses. At this point it was group of 4 + one unique + story quest mob so it could have been any one of them. Well it turned out to be the group of four.. so I thought. Turns out the one unique is lumped in there too and with an initial group of yard trash around them. Still thinking it was one group, I got my clock cleaned but I thought no biggy, I put a portal down before I died I'll just get them one at a time.

Well... several respawns later and I wished I hadn't cleared the yard trash. Everyone respawned as champions, elites etc and soon there was a 10+ strong mob with stars and sparkles around them. The mega group now being large enough to camp both the teleport AND my portal all by themselves. To make things worse... you guessed it, amorphs. One unique, one elite, both huge on top of that. Now at this point I was flush with cash and potions, food etc and was spending a fortune in food and potions trying to down just one of them with repeated pullings. I got very close to killing one each time but the group soon caught up to me and the next time I went through my portal I was surrounded before I could even get to the one I was wailing on before. Plenty of cash was wasted on bosses who just regenned themselves after I'd spent a small fortune trying to take them down. There was one in particular which was only a level 10, Duskhorn and twice I came to within one hit or two away from taking him down after tanking the group while franticaly dripfeeding myself a full stack of potions. Little did I know how much trouble that little bastard would give me...

Some time later, I was broke and down to a handful of food and pots and by sheer luck I had managed to peel off two bosses by the teleport, the higher level ones and I thought to myself "It's now or never". Much dying/lifestoning later with food use ONLY if I thought I was going to stay alive to do any damage, I managed to kill one of them. Half way through this, that one unique apart from the group of four spawned his own group of three in another location. Just effing great! However since I had already engaged the original unique, his new group just piled in with all the rest intead of going off to the new location. So let's recap the total 4+3+ support crew of other glowy mobs and a billion amorph spawns that I was desperately trying to keep from noticing me and I hadn't even come across the story mob yet.

Thankfully I was able to whittle down those two bosses and I *PUNCHED* the air when I was finally able to get their loot and kill some yard trash mobs so I could afford some new food. Rinse and repeat and considerably more time later I was able to get it down to just three bosses. However after two initial attempts to kill Duskhorn, he was the last to kill and he STILL gave me a lot of trouble, why? his HP regen is almost as much as a lifestone + he hits like a truck + damage aura that can kill me by itself ;) By the time all this was done my lifestone was down to 3 digits lol but I wasn't done.

After turning in those quests FINALLY, I got two more uniques via quests in addition to the story boss I still hadn't found, but this time I was definitely going to kill them off early. Total # of bosses all in that one area after all that not including several other champions and elites in that boss orgy + amorph hell, TEN! LOL.
It's times like that where you really wish you hadn't killed off all the covenants so early or that you could bring your whole group with you, even if you'll run down your lifestone at a ridiculous rate. By the time I finally got to dinnner, it was an embarassingly late hour lol. The taste of victory however is fantastic and bittersweet :)