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04-16-2017, 04:00 PM
Zombasite More Mod! 2.0
Installation & Setup

Step 1: Download From: http://www.mediafire.com/file/gr191yrg33icv9r/Zombasite+More+Mod+Full.zip

Step 2: Install at: [Your Steam Location]\steamapps\common\Zombasite\Assets

Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Zombasite\Assets

Step 3: Delete your existing characters. (I recommend backing up your Zombasite user folder first.)

For Windows 7 Users: C:\Users\[Name]\AppData\Local\Zombasite\User
For me: C:\Users\[Destro*]\AppData\Local\Zombasite\User

Step 4: Read information on mod below.

Reading Short Description = Reasonable experience.
Reading Long Description = Optimal Play Experience.
Reading Patch Notes = Spoiled Play Experience.

Old Versions and non-direct download link can be found at: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/bu0ai4gw61e18/Zombasite_Mod

Short Description

1.) Play on hardcore. (This mod is NOT balanced around softcore and I strongly believe that you will not be able to feel any sense of achievement by playing softcore, nor will you be able to feel the 'spirit' of the mod. But, I can't make you play hardcore, so I can only hope that you try hardcore after softcore if you refuse to play hardcore.)
2.) Do NOT drop your original bag. I disabled the flag that prevents you from dropping your original bag so that you can take advantage of bag mods to switch out your original bag. Be very careful... because if you have no bags, your character is practically screwed! You CANNOT pick up items onto your cursor, even with the equipment ui open, if you have 0 bags.
3.) Be very wary of your nemesis, arch-nemesis and enemy humanoids.

For all of the above, you have been warned.

Long Description

The Zombasite More Mod is a total overhaul of Zombasite that aims to completely overhaul the game by enhancing its gameplay to be more fun and balanced. This mod touches upon nearly every aspect of the game including but not limited to: skills, classes, items, passives, monsters, area layouts and area element spawning. And, to briefly go into greater detail on just a single one of the items in the previous limited list, let's take a look at items. For items, I rebalanced affixes, changed stat requirements, changed base item stats, increased affix count based on rarity, buffed drop rates, and on and on. Similar degrees of change were implemented in other areas of the game.

The four main goals of this mod are to:

A.) Increase the occurrence and frequency of rare content.

This entire mod is called the Zombasite More Mod, so it really goes to show how having MORE is the central, core theme behind the mod. You know those bonus chests that have a .00001% chance of spawning or don't even spawn at all during your entire run to level 100? Expect to see quite a few during each playthrough to level 100. The same goes for greater rooms, victory exclusive chests and much more. Expect more item mods, more chests, more health, more item drops from said chests, more stronger monsters, more frequent spell casts, and more... More... MORE... MOOOORRRREEE!!!

B.) Place an emphasis on difficulty.

With every reward comes a punishment. Monster difficult scales from 'easy to neigh invulnerable' under various conditions, such that farming in areas multiple levels above you is now no longer a no brainer. And, going up into higher Area Difficulties is also something that you need to carefully consider. Click to go into Champion difficulty too early and you're dead. Champion to Elite? Haha. And, for the tiers above? Have fun dying; assuming that you ever make it that far. (Note: unlikely)

No longer can you pick up 'Scavenger' or 'Pain Delay' and face roll through the rest of the game just because of one trait. You will seriously need to consider every strategy available to yourself if you want to succeed, because I assure you that every aspect of the game's gameplay is balanced around all possibilities open to you as a player.

Brace yourself for a challenge.

C.) Give everything a place.

A large portion of the time spent developing this mod was allocating toward developing new skills, buffing and nerfing overly powerful and overly weak skills, making new classes, rebalancing stats like health, mana, defense and attack and more. The goal behind all of this was to reduce the disparity in power between skills and classes that are far too weak or far too strong. And, I know that I succeeded at achieving my goals.

Playing the game with any random hybrid feels really smooth and you will feel that your character is viable and has a chance at making decent progress. Damage is far less spikey than before because monster enhancements and damage multipliers in general have been toned down substantially. You won't be fighting mobs and be taking 4 damage per hit and then suddenly get hit for 4,000 and die. But, don’t think that this means that you can't get one-shot, as overall base damage was increased to compensate for the decreased multipliers on monster enhancements, and some enhancement combinations are still incredibly strong...

The only things that doesn't have a place in this mod are... well... you'll find out very quickly I imagine when you notice their absence. :)

D.) Reduce cheese.

A lot of balance is designed to kill off cheesy tactics that make use of game mechanics to get ahead. There are still some game mechanics that I simply can't remove. But, I directly nerfed the methods or provided alternatives that heavily mitigate their effectiveness.

The recommended playstyle of this mod is Hardcore with Zombies Allowed. And, that is what everything is balanced around. Playing with additional difficult mods will certainly be quite hard... and winning with any of them would meant that you are indeed quite amazing at Zombasite!

I hope that you enjoy this mod. Good luck and have fun!

( Tchey )
04-16-2017, 05:12 PM
Well, it seems to be a lot of work put into this mod.
I may test it, but by the look of it, it's not for me.

Congratz for your work anyway.

04-16-2017, 06:02 PM
Thanks ( Tchey )!

I'm kind of curious, what about the description doesn't appeal to you? The entire concept? Or, just a specific aspect?

Edit: Also, I'm aware of some small issues with the mod already (because I'm playing it right now). Will have 0.0.2 later tonight. Haha.

Edit 2: 0.0.2 out. Fixes most, if not all immediate & mod-ruining issues.

Had a lot of fun playing new char combinations today. It's really incredible how much opportunity there is in the game when a few doors get opened, haha. In any case. I was thinking of a few Shadow inspired lines that I could say based on my gameplay. :p

My Magician + Dark Templar probably isn't the most powerful hybrid combination. But, the allure of high late game tankiness and low cooldown teleports keeps me going.

04-16-2017, 11:00 PM
Can't wait to try this mod. May be a little while before I can get to it, but it is definitely something I want to try.

04-17-2017, 10:25 PM
Awesome Castruccio. :D
I can't wait to hear your feedback.

I'm currently experimenting with dungeon, chest, secret room and object spawn rates. I realized that my chest buff didn't really matter very much because of... well... a ton of reasons actually (as I'm now seeing). That will change!

I'll only get minimal work done on week days (because of rl). But, hopefully I should be able to make a lot of progress this weekend again (as usual). I have a bunch more ideas to implement and things to change. :D

edit 2: *phew*. Did like 2 hours of testing on chests. Got my regex codes created to create my moddable chest file completed. I also tested chest spawns a lot. I was always curious if it was possible to add new item types to the game. For example, I just copied "ChestLargeGold" and renamed it to "ChestMassiveGold" inside of chests.gdb. It doesn't work, sadly. But, oh well. That's life.

It also seems that there are many chests that can't spawn even if their spawn chance is set above 1. For example, I can't spawn ChestRewardMedium, the bonus chests or the treasure hunter chests. A bit lame. But, oh well. I can work around it. Chests will be way more impactful.

04-18-2017, 10:38 AM
It is weird you can't spawn reward chests in dungeons. I think that is what you are saying you are trying to do.

04-18-2017, 12:35 PM
You can get new chest types to spawn. What you are probably missing is that the chest entry also has to be specified in world.gdb. Basically the level definitions are what control what is allowed to spawn in them.

( Tchey )
04-18-2017, 03:29 PM
Thanks ( Tchey )!

I'm kind of curious, what about the description doesn't appeal to you? The entire concept? Or, just a specific aspect?

By reading the notes, it seems too frantic for my taste, too much more of everything, and faster paced, but it may not be, i need to try.

I like to play a loner, without zombies, without siege, with low respawn, and just go and explore every corners of a map.

04-18-2017, 10:20 PM

I couldn't get them to spawn above ground or anywhere!


Thanks for the response! I will definitely modify that area.


I understand your sentiment entirely!

Well, this will definitely be something that you will have to play test to decide if you like or not then. I'm not making it so that every 5 steps a Godly Chest of Infinite Loot spawns in front of you. But, I am going to make it so that you can actually see some of the rarer chests.

For example, did you know there are named chests in this game (ChestUnique)? I had no idea! I'm sure I have at least 120 hours of legit playtime (and like 40 hours of that was double speed probably) and I never saw even one. Just so you know, they have a spawn rate of .2 while small chests have a spawn rate of 5,000. Utopia secret rooms can spawn them (rarely), but I think you get the idea. I just want to open some doors for the game, if you will. :p More, but not excessive... at least in some cases, haha! :)

Also, in regards to pace, I think that the pace is going to be dramatically lower. Lots more higher ranked monsters appear, so you have to play more carefully. (No more get Scavanger at level 34-36, then faceroll rest of the game or just power creep at level 50-60 to be op and focus only on maxing combat exp).

In any case, we'll see how things play out. Lots of ideas come to me every day. This weekend I'll be putting in many hours of work for sure.

( Tchey )
04-19-2017, 06:34 AM
I tried, Hunter/Healer.

No other clans, Loner, No zombies, Fast Paced, No siege.

Basically a "normal" setting for me, just a hack'n'slash game, go kill named mobs, claim the reward from the Quest system.

With the mod,

At level 3 i had already more bags i could care about
At level 4 i was full Rare equipped (yellow loot).

I went from level 1 to level 8 without any effort, only with Serated Arrow, no need for healing. Only at level 1 or 2 i used potions in large packs, but then, nothing.

Now completely don't care about the loot even from boss or gold chest, because everything is "rare", so nothing is. I found one Purple, and two same cape from a set, but not for this toon.

I'm just running and killing, trying to see something in the overwhelming loots dropping all the time, mostly catching only the money and craft parts, and from time to time i loot only to use the Crafting Station.

So, not so fun overall. Too much everything, means nothing is remarkable.

04-19-2017, 08:55 AM
Very interesting feedback.

Yeah, the difficulty is a lot lower in normal because I decreased it by 50%. I might actually revert this decision (it is one from the past) because I am actively rebalancing skills now (which I couldn't do before). So, there isn't a need to make 'ramping up' builds easier anymore. We'll see. I also need to do my experience per level modifications.

Another thing of interest is that even if you are using all full rare by level 4, you will still want to rapidly replace those items as you level up for stronger/better base items with better mods. Even if you're fully equipped in rares now, you will need to replace them eventually. And, once you hit level 25 and go to the next Area Difficulty, you won't be able to so easily/quickly replace gear. Plus, just being equipped in all rare may not be enough to survive (I'm tellin you man it gets hard!). Normal is meant to be easy, and I don't think that will change too much. But, I might lower try to set the end of normal to level 20, or something. Haha. We'll see what options are available and what I can do. :)

Also, I do know backpack drops need nerfed again.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback! It will be very helpful when I am balancing loot and spawn rates of things over the weekend.
(I mean I am putting in at least an hour in a day on week days but on the weekend I can do 12+ hour days on Saturday+Sunday. ;o)

edit: Oh, haha. I just remembered something and realized that this is the way the game is. Dull yellow items aren't rare. They are uncommon. :D. So, if you have full yellows, that's bad! Haha :D You want bright green and bright yellow items. I was confused about these drops myself until I tested today. I'll put some notes in. I know it's a bit confusing, but it's a lot more efficient when you get used to it. xD. If you hit full very rare items by level 4, then idk what you're doing because I only found 2 usable ones up to level 11. :p

4/22 edit: Made a lot of progress working on mod today. Expect patch today or tomorrow still. Very many changes. I'm really just play testing right now. Found a few minor bugs and have some feedback I'm going to post about when done.

04-22-2017, 09:31 PM
Alpha v0.0.3 Patch
The second big update.

So, there are a lot of big issues tackled with this update. But, they are mostly centered around skills and items. And, once again, because I want to improve class balance and playability by as much as possible, I have made large changes to skills and items.

Disclaimer: Again, as always, I recommend not actually reading these patch notes. You may if you want, but it's just spoiler heaven. You've been warned!

Installation & Updating

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/69v16t1hshz6txb/ZombasiteMoreMod.zip
(If you view this file in the future, the link may no longer exist).
Open up the compressed archive "ZombasiteMoreMod.zip" and extract the "assets005.zip" file into your [Your Steam Location]\steamapps\common\Zombasite\Assets
For me, it's: A:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Zombasite\Assets

Also, you need fresh characters to play this mod. So, I recommend backing up your Zombasite user folder and then deleting the chars folder inside of it!

For Windows 7 Users: C:\Users\[Name]\AppData\Local\Zombasite\User
For me: C:\Users\Donald\AppData\Local\Zombasite\User

Patch Notes:

* Damage Types:

Projectiles have always been way too strong. Being able to shoot out 8 projectiles at once is a literal 8x multiplier to damage output. And, it's not something that any other type of skill gets in the game. When you consider how multiple projectiles can make lightning arrow perma-stun, it really goes to show how good they actually are. In other words, projectiles are overpowered. And, being able to stack projectiles makes AoE skills, melee skills and inherently multi-projectile skills not seem very good.

So, what I've done is make the very difficult decision to nerf the projectile mod on items by 66%. Extra Projectiles in the hunter tree has been nerfed by 50%. I've also made other changes to balance the playing field out a lot, while giving each type of attack its own niche.

In regards to AoE spells, they are just bad beyond belief until mid-late game in all cases. And, the only reason they become good then is because you will be 1-shotting everything, so you really only care about their AoE properties. Basically, they just become clear speed enablers late game and don't have much other purpose. (The exception being earthquake because it doesn't have a cd ofc). So, yeah. Reworks:

AoE magic = Slow, mana expensive, powerful. If it has some kind of movement impairing effect, it's been skipped in this pass.
Single-Target Melee = Fast, Cheap, Variable damage (based on class theme).
Projectiles = Medium Speed, Medium Price, Low damage. (But, of course, they can still scale with multi-projectiles so they get the highest damage technically in the game. They just scale.)

General Skill Changes:

- Added mana regen to Sorcerer. (Conjurer didn't have mana regen at all, only mage class that didn't have some form of regen.)
- Convergence nerfed to 10% per level. (Tempted to go lower... but will do 10% for now. Don't want to kill off Shaman entirely, even though that's not possible I don't think).
- Holy fire damage down by 25% base and per level.
- Reduced the reuse time of mana regen to 1.0 seconds. (Again, as long as one can just log off to reset cooldowns, why have long ones? So, removed).
- Teleport CD removed. (Watched D2 sorc vid and remembered those days). Mana cost is now 100 per cast though, so very expensive :D. Also, costs 20 points!

- Holy Symbol
Goal: Long prayer is spoken before powerful energy is released. Priests are known for their long prayers... so thematic!
New Stats:
5 second cast time.
10 second reuse time.
Damage: 120-240 magic damage, 30-60 per level.
No mana cost because powered by holy energy.
Comments: My image for this spell is the priest closing his eyes while bringing his hands together in prayer. Then, once he opens his eyes, he extends his arms forward as a surge of holy power is released. This spell is intended to not be that good until you get cast speed. And, the cooldown remains because one can only gain blessings from the god so often. :)

- Volcano
Goal: Powerful, spammable AoE fire spell that does massive damage!
New Stats:
8 point cost.
Dmg: 45 - 140, 8 - 24.5
Power: 44, 3.4
Cast Time: 2 seconds
Reuse Time: 0
Comments: After playtesting it... it feels very strong, yet at the same time very balanced. It has just the right amount of risk and reward. Excellent!

- Ice Storm
Goal: Cold version of Volcano. Though, lower damage because of the utility inherent to cold spells.
Dmg: 40 - 120, 6.5 - 20
Power: 44, 3.4
Cast Time: 2 seconds
Reuse Time: 0

- Earthquake: Unchanged. Surprisingly, earthquake is pretty reasonably balanced. And, I don't want to ruin the theme of maintaining an earthquake.

- Death Rune: This skill always felt so out of place to me. The entire Reaper skill tree is melee focused, then you have this random magic spell. I've given it buffs in-line with Volcano/Ice Storm. But, I don't think it is very playable without making it super broken. Not going to put notes on what I did here, just read skill if interested. (Not very interesting)

- Hell Storm > Just copied volcano to be honest. Again, out of place. But, it's there. *shrug* In any case, npcs use these skills so expect some powerful npc spellcasting :D

- Flame Blade: Cast Time = 1.0 seconds. Reuse time has been set to 0. 50% as powerful.
- Immolation: 2 second cast time. No reuse time.
- All rouge attack skills are faster. Rouge's niche is now being very fast along with having high damage. Still a glass cannon that is probably unviable for HC. But, it's there.
- Projectile Mastery and Bow Mastery down 5% each base and scaling.
- Lots of cast time changes to all melee attacks. In general faster overall. Classes theme'd around swords are .8, daggers .66, heavy classes = 1.0.
- Regeneration's power is now mostly in the active portion. (Had put in passive before because I wasn't sure if it would make npcs op or something idk what I was thinking)
- Most active buff type skills have 1.0 second reuse times. Again, heavy shift away from cooldown times which can be bypassed by logging out and in. I want to reduce incentive to cheese by as much as possible.
- Fixed lich not having 5% max damage base. (was 3%).

Item Balance:

Many item mods are restricted to different types. And, while this is good for the player, it actually reduces the chance that npcs will acquires these mods and be able to take advantage of them. So, I have made many changes to item mod spawning.

- Buffed all attributes mod to .2 per item level.
- Cast Time has no magic requirement. (Means it can spawn on any item). Halved power.
- Weapon Attack time ^ (this is really going to be good for npcs!)
- Mana Regen ^. Scales at .19 per level rather than .15.
- Critical Strike Chance ^
- Critical Strike Multiplier ^. Now goes from 10% to 30% instead of 50% to 150%.
- Durability ^.
- Movement Speed ^. (25 ms max per item at level 100).

This will flood the mod pool with new mods to make getting good items harder than ever. But, considering that all mods get +1 mod, this is a good thing. And, it also reduces your chance of getting cursed/ego/crystal, etc. So, I think these are really balanced, positive changes overall.

[TBC because I think I hit post size limit]

04-22-2017, 09:31 PM
Chest & Secret Room Balance:

Chests have always been too unrewarding in my opinion. This is fairly typical of ARPGs, though, so I can't say it's a bad call. But, in the MORE mod, we definately can't have that.

- Lower tier chests now provide slightly better loot. (Slightly).
- Massively increased spawn rate of high end chests while enabling many.
- Secret stashes are rarer and reward better loot. (Now you have much higher chance of skipping over them.)
- The bonus chests (ones with sparkles) now spawn at extremely low rates. ;)
- I was testing chest spawns in town and wasn't really going to keep them in. But, it actually turned out to be very aesthetically pleasing. I always felt clan areas looked a bit empty, and this fixes it very well. So, chests now spawn rarely inside of towns. Think of it as the 'clan stash' if you will. It would be nice if I could restrict to only inside of clan walls but beggars can't be choosers.

As for secret rooms, higher tier secret rooms are more likely to appear. I could buff their occurrence rate, but meh. I decided against it. May I will change my mind in the future but for now I think it's fine with them being rare-ish.

Ongoing Difficulty Balance:

With all of the changes in power levels to items and everything thing else in this patch, naturally, the game became easier. So, I made everything harder to compensate. :)

- Removed 50% monster stat reduction in normal mode. Set it to 20% increased now. 10% increased ms.
- Cruel is now +250% to defensive mods, +350% to damage. 30% increased ms.
- Elite is +600% to defensive mods, 800% to damage. 50% increased ms.
- Legendary is +1250% to defensive mods, 1500% to damage. 100% increased ms.
- Ultimate difficulties have had increases as well aligned with these changes.

Normal mode is baby mode.
Cruel is man mode. It's actually quite cruel now. Good luck, you can do it though.
Elite is for veterans and true egoists. The ranks of those that can beat this mode are thinned heavily to reach this point. And, as for those that beat this difficulty, they are worthy of honor.
And, last, Legendary is the resting place of heroes. Only the greatest, truist legends will ever reach the pinnacle of this difficulty.
Ultimate = Realm of Gods. You cannot win. But, if you desire to test your build to its limits, then this is the place. Good luck and rest in peace.

Progression Balance / Misc:
- Experience required up to level 25 is now 1/3rd normal. At level 25, it returns to normal. At 50, it's 50% harder. And, at level 75, it's 50% harder once again.
- Expedition Point cap set to 500.
- Can only take 3 recruits adventurering with you now. Town now starts with 7 people though. Max Raid size is still 10.
- Didn't document this before, but be careful of item color changes. Dull green/yellow are just common and uncommon while vibrant green and yellow are rare and very rare. You may be thinking this is a terrible decision, but trust me. I tried every color in the game, and this is the best. The default game doesn't distinguish between common/uncommon and rare/very rare. Turns out, it's pretty damn difficult to get a good color scheme to show these four rarities. And, while keep greens to commons and yellow to rares sounds nice, in practice, it feels very weird picking up dull yellow items that are actually better than vibrant green items. I am very open to feedback on this matter.
- Glacier (from Major Cold Imbued) has been nerfed in damage by 75%.
- Backpack drops nerfed by like 1,250%.

Feedback always appreciated!

I will be playtesting these changes more tomorrow, of course. ;o.

edit: After some playtesting, I recall I need to make a couple more changes. Reaper zombie resistance buff and a gold rebalance! I knew I forgot something. The gold rebalance is big. todo todo todo

( Tchey )
04-23-2017, 05:39 AM
Well, same comment as before for me : too much of everything, make everything tasteless. Too many "good" items and too many chests, makes me lose interest on finding anything. Sure it's a matter of scales, if "rare" is the new "normal", then i should be happy to find an elite, but it feels quite, i don't know, unattractive ?

I'd prefer to find 0 to 1 chest per "map", with really tasty loot, but now it's more like 1 chest per screen, with overwhelming loot. I don't feel i want to spend time to compare them all one by one each time.

Also, should i start a new toon with each update, or i can keep the same ?

Anyway, it's my taste, i'd prefer less, but meaningfull, "everything".

04-23-2017, 08:23 AM
@( Tchey )

Thanks for the feedback.

I think after playing you will see that there is a very real loot scarcity. Once mobs start getting strong (rank bonuses start to really scale and kick in level 10+), clear speed drops pretty fast and things get pretty dangerous. The 20% monster buff is actually very impactful.

Also, it's actually still way better to just rely on vendors to acquire items rather than rely on drops at all (except for mass slaying weaker mobs), which is a huge reason why I need to make changes to gold acquisition rates.

Also, right now for alpha, I recommend a new toon each update. You won't get everything that was changed to carry over onto existing chars if you don't. The requirement to make a new toon is going to be going away very soon, like, today or next week's patches at the latest as I am going to soon (hopefully) be moving away from large sweeping changes (like moving skills around) and instead, just doing number tweaks for refining. I just need to do more playtesting first.

edit: Ok, so ended doing the gold rebalance as well. Just playtesting my last few changes...

04-23-2017, 01:37 PM
Alpha 0.0.4 released

Spawn changes:
- Decreased amount of higher teir mobs that spawn on the surface during normal conditions.
- Increased monster ranks in various situations. (As it should have been before!). Dungeons have lots of higher ranks monsters.
- Made it so that one has to reach certain level thresholds before certain unique tier monsters appear. (Shoutout to ( Tchey ) who inspired this change, no more level 4 full rare :p).
- Higher ranked monsters now have higher levels. (Demigod is +10 levels).

I will make more changes to spawn rates and settings in the future when I do my monster enchantment reworking. Look forward to it!

Gold Rebalance:
- Good news! All items are worth more than ever before!
- Bad new! All items now sell for only 1-3% of their value. :D

The result is that items are now actually really expensive. You might actually have to save up to buy one for a change! Yay!
Though a side effect of this is that some items are actually really freakin' expensive. And, thus, scavange for insane loot. I also flattened out the spawn chance of the various crafting orbs.

- All healthstones now heal mana at half the rate of health. (I really would prefer to just replace clan hearthstone with a lifestone, but I have no idea. (I think it's level's file, but that's indecipherable, and clan healthstones are probably hardcoded anyway.))
- Value of crit mult down to 250 from 1000.
- Reduced weapon damage multipliers based on rarity. (Because I reduced cast time on so many abilities, have to reduce power creep).
- Set/Unique have same armor/damage mulitpliers now. Rescaled armor bonuses so that they scale better.
- Bonus chests and large gold chests can now only spawn in dungeons. Or at least, are supposed to only spawn in dungeons. The bonus and large chest may spawn above ground very rarely. (Not sure why they do but out of my control. Not a big deal though, just think of it as a nice find every now and then if you spot one. :)) The higher tiered bonus chests are dungeon exclusive.
- Changed item color scheme once more. Common/Uncommon are now BOTH dark green. Rares are now light green. Very Rare is now yellow! Haha!
- Worlds can have 4 dungeons max. Chance of dungeon spawn down from 30% to 25%. (Will result in around 2x more dungeons).

( Tchey )
04-23-2017, 04:16 PM
I recommend a new toon each update. The requirement to make a new toon is going to be going away very soon

Alright, so i will wait a little before starting again, and pass level 10 this time...

04-23-2017, 08:02 PM
@( Tchey )

Sounds good. :)

I read the drox file again for how to create new entries, so going to try playing around with that on Monday and then plan out what I might create for next weekend. Would be cool to actually create new mods and stuff to put into the mod. I can't wait!

edit: Crap. Forgot all about my level limits. Have to add those in next patch I suppose, not a big deal to worry about. (cruel level 25 max, etc.).
Alpha 0.0.5 Patch Notes

- Set spawn chance of bag to 1.5. This is not getting changed again. They are already set lower than vanilla, and I think this has to be the magic number.
- Concentration skill now starts at 1. (End game is ruled by mana pots anyway *shrug* Might as well give it some use by helping early game.)
- Nerfed lowest tier bonus chest because I can't cancel its spawns. Dunno. Still amazing chest to get.
- Bonus chests will now spawn way less than before (with godly version being even more rare than rare!)
- 4 dungeons max per world, 30% chance to spawn each.
- Manually wrote in spawn chances for various rarities to the various areas to make sure that they always are correct. (was getting some weird results). Did a lot of testing again. Now everything should be working as intended. FORREAL this time. (TESTED HARD.)

Comment: The mod feels very much like what I envisioned at this point. A lot of the visible changes I want are here and working now correctly. I can safely say that the game will feel totally different as of 0.0.5. ;o

( Tchey )
04-24-2017, 09:05 AM
OK i didn't wait, haha... Like always, Loner, no clan, no siege, no zombie.

I started a new toon, Magician, Sorcerer (the lightning magic). Only played a little, to level 6, but it already feels better than previously.

Loot is worthy again, and i'm clearly not full stuffed already for my level, and i don't have all the bags i need yet.

Not sure if i like my class, but i can say i prefer this early balance for sure.

04-28-2017, 12:42 AM
Just started testing out the ability to add content and... well... it works. Spectacularly at that, which is really interesting.
Well, that opens up a lot of possibilities.

The limit on skills hurts a lot, so I'll have to work around that quite a bit. But, I'm confident in my abilities to create hybrid abilities and I believe I can make it all work. My current plan is to release 0.0.6 early tomorrow and then start working on massive overhaul 3.

In any case, I am playing an energy shield mage up to level 36 non-HC and... wow. The difficulty is definitely there. If you slip up on your mana management, you're dead. Also, if you don't build up your defenses, you're dead. Very cool stuff! lol.

In any case, overhaul 3 will have more class balance. I want to make sure that each class has some type of defensive option available to make it hardcore viable... even rouge. And, I also want to play few more classes. So, because of that and my newfound ability to create, my pace may slow down dramatically again. Or it might not. Who knows!? In any case, 0.0.6 will be pretty stable for now as I play around with modding some more.

Edit: Ok I lied. Doing now.

Alpha 0.0.6 patch

- Now normal is levels 1-18, champion 20-38, elite 40-58, legendary 60-78, ultimate 80-100. Now, there are five difficulty tiers to go through. This design is way better because it lets the difficulty ramp up at a more steady pace. So, every 20 levels, the monsters become a lot more fierce until the culmination of strength at ultimate! GOOD LUCK!
Also, warning, the interface is a bit buggy. But, you can access all of the ultimate content from the second screen. Just consider ultimate 2 the new ultimate 3, :D
- Experience gain matches this scaling. Normal = 1/3rd exp needed per level. Champion = Normal. Elite = 25% jump, legendary 25% MORE experience increase requirement and ultimate = 25% more. Level 95+ is 25% more experience required per level. (Inspired by Path of Exile, level 100 is now hard).
- Good news! Combat experience mod is now unnerfed a bit. Instead of 30% max, you can get 50%. Yay! Also, the base is now 10%, with .4% more per item level. Exciting!
- Higher rank monsters have had their bonus levels reverted. Having level 10 monsters causes more issues than I thought (especially it bypasses my new level tiers). Besides, monsters are still strong enough as is.
- Durability now only spawns on weapons and armor. Huzzah!
- Another attempt has been made to get armor to spawn weapon speed. Probably won't work but meh.
- Scavanging now gives a fifth of what it did before.
- Removed some item level lines from mod that were a bit outdated and were causing bugs.
- Reworked Teleport again. Now costs 1 point to acquire and costs 100 mana per cast. But, each skill point invested reduces mana cost by 10. I was initially going to just make it cost 15 points to get and then you need 50 mana to cast... but this is way more interesting.
- Buffed concentration to 15% base and 15% per level. I have more mage changes on the way in the future... but consider this some mage love for now to get by with. Also buffs conjurer a bit, but meh, it's fair.
- Rebalanced item damages one more time. The difference in power between very rare and lower items is more even. Also, lowered artifact/legendary item power levels a bit more.

Edit: Working on 0.0.7. Managed to realize and fix a lot of issues with creating new content that I didn't know about and struggled with in the past. For example, it's imperative to have new strings in quotes for name/desc fields. I'm also a bit better at referencing things and have a lot of things organized better.

I have mostly worked on a huge mana overhaul for the game. And, I'm going to be bringing back glory to buffs soon. They are essentially permanent right now, which ruins the 'buff vibe'. And, the old design doesn't work because you can just relog to cheese timers. But, what if they just cost a lot of mana? This way, they can still be semi-permanent, but you need to have the mana required to cast the buffs. It will be nice to see how all of this mana overhauling works along with my new class rework ideas.

04-29-2017, 09:48 AM
Alpha v0.0.7 Patch

Mana Overhaul:

Large changes have been made to mana to make mana a more balanced and reasonable system. A lot of the time, if you get flat mana, you don't really get rewarded with the regeneration necessary to sustain that larger mana pool. And this, combined with the inherently poor mana regeneration system in combat, makes it very hard to sustain mana without mana potions. While, now I agree that mana should not be an infinite resource, it should also not be absolutely mandatory that one use mana potions or a powerful mana regeneration skill to sustain their mana pool. If anything, a mana regeneration skill should be a luxury or extra boost to push one's ability to sustain their mana to the limit.

- Mana on hit affix now gives 1/5th of what it did before.
- Mana regeneration in combat is now 100%. Thief mana regeneration skill is still in place and gives 100%. (Thief reworks later)
- Base mana regeneration of 4.0 is now 0.0. No more free mana regeneration!
- Base regeneration per int/spirit is .06 now. (50% buff)
- Mana Regen Bonus passives now give .02 mana per point of relevant stat. (100% buff)
- Deep Mind now gives 1.2 mana regeneration per point.
- Mana regen spell now gives 2 bonus mana per level on active portion. (up from 1)
- Regeneration now has a third of its power set as passive, like Mana Regen. (Not mana related, but inspired by mana changes).

New Skills:

- New Magician Skill: Arcane Might! Grants 10% spell damage per level. Base of 6 points.
- New Magicial Skill: Magical Physique: Grants ability to wear leather for 15 points.

Vendor Changes:

New Vendors: Magician & Archmage - Two new vendors may appear that sell only wands.
- Vendors now carry more items on average.

Monster Balance:

After getting smashed repeatedly in normal difficulty by demigods and other high ranked mobs.... I decided to elevate the priority of my monster rank rebalancing. So, yeah. Higher ranked mobs won't start spawning until later than ever. Normal is meant to be 'easy', and serve as a warmup before you die later on. :) Champion will be when the difficulty really starts to ramp up. And, elite is when your build needs to be really good to survive. At level 40, your build will need to be very strong both offensively and defensively.

The scaling: Normal = 0, Common = 1, Uncommon = 2, Rare = 3, VeryRare = 4, Unique = 5, Unique2 = 8, Unique3 = 12, Unique4 = 15, Unique5 = 19, Unique6 = 22, Unique7 = 26, Unique8 = 29, Unique9 = 32, Unique10 = 36, Unique11 = 40

Also, normal difficutly ends at 20, champ starts at 20, champ ends at 40, elite starts at 40, etc. Gives more time to get strong.

Last, there is a small typo in the base game. Unique6 monsters (warboss rank) have 1.0 times health multiplier instead of 11. While irrelevant in the base game, it is a big deal for this mod. Currently, you can just go to a level 22 zone and farm them for easy easy experience. This typo is pretty much the only reason I am even releasing 0.0.7 right now.

Item Balance:

- Scavanging is now twice as rewarding as before. (I overnerfed it a bit too hard).


Comments: Still working on more changes incrementally as I playtest other classes. Need to do a lot more experimenting.
Edit: I did a silent patch that just cleans up some of the in-combat mana scripting a bit, so that there isn't any confusion. I'm thinking for v8 I'm going to include three difficulties. (Vanilla, Hard, Elite). This way, all types of players can enjoy the mod. Right now, it's just elite. And, I don't want to make the mod too exclusive to a particular type of player.

Edit 2: What happens when you try to farm an area 10 levels above yours?: http://i.imgur.com/zJ1w1UJ.jpg

Not even a crit... LOL. I'm glad I'm testing on non-hardcore. I'm definitely going to need to make resistance skills more accessible. I had 62 resist and ~950 effective hp and that thing 1-shot me with ease. I'll probably add more generic passives. We'll see.

05-06-2017, 11:19 PM
Alpha v0.0.8 Patch

So, I did a lot of changes to classes in this patch. And by a lot... I mean easily 100+ edits (maybe 200-300, don't know). Because there was so many small ones and I was pretty much making them on the fly, I didn't record them all down. And, again, that's because there are so many, but also its because you can just see all the changes in game. I'll write things down more specifically once again once the mod gets more finalized. (GETTIN THERE)

So, I'm going to describe most of the bigger changes, themes and concepts behind the changes I made. And, I'll also list the more specific/important/less obvious changes ofc.

Buff Revamps:

Self-Cast Buffs now work in an entirely different way now. They all last forever (yay!), but they now drain mana over time. This makes it so that you may actually need to turn them off to cast spells. There doesn't seem to be a way to have buffs turn themselves off when you run out of mana (I think I'd need a new EffectType for the status effects. (Maybe ManaCancel? idk)), so you will just have to turn them off yourself *shrug*. The does also have the consequence of me having to make all buff spells free to cast, so consider that a small plus I suppose.

The exception to what I just said above is that the Dark Templar has health drain now instead of mana reservation for buffs. This also let me buff Unholy Vitality up a bit again. Very Flavorful!

Class Revamps:

Again, way more were made than listed. But, here are some.

- Enrage has a 20% greater aoe.
- Trickster now has teleport and thief has concentration. Reduced nova strike attack cast time (I missed it) to .66 as well.
- Shaman now has champion. Champion has been appropriately nerfed. Removed the blessing system because in the past it would most likely be super overpowered. But, now that I have made all blessings appropriately balanced, the buffs are still good, just not super op. (Also merged ele resist skills, yaddy yaddy)
- Sorcerer is now Lightning Mage. Swapped it with Magician tree. Added skill lightning armor to lightning mage and kept gaseous form on magician tree, but renamed it to ethereal form.
- Regeneration has been changed to be permanent as well with buff revamps. But, the value will not show properly due to a long-standing bug. Just know it does 3 base and +3 per level health regeneration. Very useful skill!
- The circle skills all have pretty dramatic effects that create a lot of lag when multiple units are caught up in them. I highly recommend turning down Effects Detail in settings if you play warden/demonologist and are experiencing lag.

Monster Enhancement Line Changes:

Stoneskin 3 = 300% now. (down from 375%) (Going to omit % signs from now on).
Berserker = 100/200/300
Warior = 75/150/225
Wealth = 200/500/1000
Slayer = 50 dmg, 5 crit / 10 dmg, 20 crit / 150 dmg, 15 crit
Stalker = .125 ms / .25 / .5
Ancient = 250 hp and phys (down from 350% to both)
Executioner = Has 50% chance to critically hit. 50% base damage buff (down from 125%).
Arch-Nem = Buffed all around by just a tad.


- Recruits now always have 8 skills (Ok, very rarely they have 7... don't know why but still, close enough. Also, beware... this makes enemy clans harder as well!).
- Monsters lower than rank 10 now grow in size at a much slower rate while rank 11+ monsters become bigger faster than before. And, wind up with a much bigger size (so you can identify them as serious threats!)
- Selling to vendors has been buffed substantially. Though, it's still far better to sell to clans. Still looking into how to reduce value of player offers in trades.
- Combat experience mod on items starts at 20% and scales up to 100% now. (No combat exp is just too painful, especially ever since I made exp requirements higher at levels 40/60/80. Quests still work, but I felt forced to do only quests for exp. And, honestly, I felt heavily incentivized to cheese quests (like pull high level mobs into clans to get quest completion). This is for the best.)
- Different regions now spawn higher tier mobs at different rates. Plains = Low, Tropics/Forest = Medium, Desert = High, Dungeon = Godly. I also fixed some formatting errors with my spawn file that I don't know how I missed. And, last, the 'higher end' high tier mobs (rank 13-15) now taper off on spawn rate a bit, so they are rarer in plains and there is more rank diversity in dungeons. As for tropics/desert, they are inbetween. GL!

Patch Comments:

While playing a couple of characters up to level 20, the gameplay felt very smooth. I feel like the balance is getting very close to what I want. There is a lot of strategic decision making for players to make regarding threats to face versus avoid. The damage on monster enhancements is more level, espcially the warrior and slayer enchants which were both kind of nuts. These will help a lot with slowing down the multiplicative damage stacking on higher tier mobs by a lot. Though, there are still plenty of deadly combinations that can spawn and kill you face. The larger size of higher tier mobs will help a lot with identifying threats.

I was tempted to go overboard and recreate subclasses to a greater extent like I did with Super Hero, but decided against it until the expansion. Or, maybe I'll just wait until the next game. I'm starting to feel pretty damn content with the mod. Each playthrough is turning out to be quite a lot of fun and the number of hybrid class combinations that I want to try to get to level 100 is really exciting.

We'll see what the future holds. Gonna do more playtesting tomorrow.

( Tchey )
05-07-2017, 06:27 AM
Alpha v0.0.8 Patch

Buff Revamps:

Self-Cast Buffs now work in an entirely different way now. They all last forever (yay!), but they now drain mana over time.

What about "reserved mana" instead of a drain ?

You cast your buff and you spend mana for it, it's not free.

Then your mana pool is reduced by % not flat amount (ie -20% max mana).

Then the buff last until you die.

So, maybe at first, the buff needs 30%, and when you invest point into it, it's less : 29, 28, 27... until minimum 10% reserved mana. Or even have a new passive to reduce this.

05-07-2017, 12:19 PM
@( Tchey )

I think percent mana reservation would be great. But, as far as I'm aware, there is no % mana reservation variable. The only mana reservation variable that I see is the flat version that Dark Templar has.

And, having a passive to reduce mana reservation as a whole would entail making mana reservation its own stat (like status effect duration, etc.). It would be an interesting system, but would be a suggestion nonetheless. And, I try to avoid making 'benefit my mod only' type suggestions.

Maybe in the next game it will make an appearance though! :D For now, I'll still be brainstorming. The current system works well enough. Even though they don't auto-cancel, you pretty much have to cancel them or you can't use skills. Unless you're an auto-attacker only (like a shapeshifted creature).


Alpha v0.0.9 Patch

A small hotfix patch.

- Areas were a 'tad' too peaceful, so I made higher ranks spawn a bit more frequently again. (I think it's a lot better now... again... :>)
- Also, I made the posession transformation skill non-permanent again. Ideally, I'd like them to be permanent and cost mana to sustain like other self-buffs, because right now you just cast them and then log off and back on to cancel out the effect (Again, I want to minimize cheesy tactics). But, since you can't cancel the transformation by recasting the skill, this won't work. And, that's because of the 'can't use other skills' flag. I could set that flag to false, but then they would be OP and I think nerfing them a bit so that I could actually take off that flag would water the transformations down.
- After playing with item prices again for about 30 minutes or so, I gave up and set prices back to vanilla. In the end, the changes that I thought was making were just making the game easier. I can't seem to find a way to change the way clans percieve value or create a disparity in price between cheaper and more expensive items no matter how much I try. Even making items worth less overall is a problem because of how that ties to vendor and quest system. So... yeah. Economic updates will have to be on hold until round 3.
- Cleaned up a couple of files.

05-09-2017, 10:07 PM
Just a small announcement.

I plan to have maybe 1-2 more alpha releases. Then, I'll do the beta release and then the final release. Hopefully, the final release is finished by this weekend. But, if not, I intend to have it out next weekend.

I feel that I've got a pretty firm grasp of the changes that I want and made most of them already. I could go continue to add changes (like maybe add some quests), but I kind of want to wait for the expansion to come up and perhaps let this mod gain some popularity before continuing on it. (I know that frequent changes can make 'diving in' to the mod difficult.)

My last alpha releases will be focused on class changes once again. And, there will be a much heavier focus on fine-tuning damage and defenses.

As much as I hate to say it, the 3.5 damage multiplier in champion difficulty is too high *sob*. I do think that the 1.5 multiplier is too low, so I will need to tweak the value rigorously. I haven't experimented with damage taken vs. damage dealt very seriously because everything was being experimented on. But, I will be doing that for many hours this weekend. (Essentially I'll be testing various builds at level 20, 40, 60 and 80 to see how strong they are with bad/good/great and perfect gear).

Soooo yeah. Good progress coming ahead with some cool innovations as we head into release.

edit: 5/14/2017: Just want to note that an update probably won't be coming out this weekend. But, I can guarantee that the next update will be the biggest update as of yet with the most edits and the most major game changes. It will be exciting to release for sure.

edit: 5/20/2017: No patch again this weekend. Damage testing and rebalancing is a lot more time and effort than I expected. Thankfully, I've managed to setup a test mod file by this point that lets me change key variables pretty quickly to really speed up my test speed. Armor/Resist/Accuracy are practically done being calculated now. I have just have Defense to do and then I can actually start working on Life/Mana and finally Damage rebalancing. After that, I just have to do some final balanced on gems/relics and then rebalance prices for the newly changed mods. I'm also going to do some testing on adding a few new potions as well, which could be a huge way to incentivize not logging out to cheese since you would lose their effects. These potions won't be cheap... they will be expensive and rare (that value mult flag is going way up!)! We'll see how that works out!

(Also using console for a change (who knew) and a few other tools to assist in testing).

edit: 5/29/2017 (Morning): No patch this weekend. I finished up all of the balance of res/def/accuracy/defense, etc. Took a long time and a lot of testing to get right. But, I did it! Now, I'm just going through all the classes and applying my 'class rework' document. It's quite a daunting task, but I'm getting through it. I finally finished Warrior and Rouge reworks. And now I just have to do the Priest rework. The other classes won't be reworked as heavily as these three are being, so once I get done with Priest, that's the bulk of my work. (Warrior/Rouge just needed love to be viable. As for Priest, I'm reworking it cause it'll be cool/fun :D)

edit: 5/29/2017 (Evening): WHEW! Finally finished priest. Talk about a monster... but it was so worth it! I really can't wait to play around with the monk class. Suppression seems so good... Probably will be an actual patch next weekend.

edit: 6/3/2017: Well. Did it! Managed to get pretty much all major class changes completed. I just have to do my sweep on health/damage and mana costs and then, well, that's it for class balance. The rest of the stuff that I'll have to do will be much more simple. Though, I might end up getting held up by art.

edit: 6/3/2017 (Evening): It's almost hard to believe, but, "Alpha 2.0" (if you will) l is almost ready. The last three items on my check list are:

- Choose art, animations and effects of all new skills.
- Add more new potions.
- Play test balance.

I do want to make some more unique & artifact items. But, I'm going to wait until the expansion first and see how that goes.

I can say with 99% confidence that my update is being released tomorrow. Look forward to it! Lots of really exciting stuff coming with it.

06-04-2017, 03:41 PM
Alpha v0.0.10 is out now! GO PLAY AND HAVE FUN! :D

Patch Notes are here: https://pastebin.com/UrSmyKWD
(They are too big to post on forum, so yeah).

Download link is on the front page as usual.

Edit: I forgot to spell check my patch notes. So, I did a re-upload with spell checked patch notes. Pastebin patch notes will be not spell checked though. *shrug*. And, I never did test balance of spells again. But, well, it's probably fine. Spells were pretty reasonable in the past. I doubt they are suddenly crappy or overpowered. I'll have that tested for beta anyway. Need to do more testing all around anyway. (Always testing)

( Tchey )
06-05-2017, 05:20 PM
Impressive work. I didn't play it yet, but reading the note was already fun !

06-05-2017, 10:53 PM
Thanks for the positive feedback.

There are still a few big issues with balance. But, I don't think I can really ever deal with them. So, I'm going to have to settle for a lot of things in the end.

Mage vs. melee dps itemization is... rough.
Minions having multiplicative scaling from item mods is... very rough. Minion aggro control is kind of op too.

I don't think that I can ever really balance these things without some more extreme changes or a few requests to Shadow. But, well, I'm pretty satisfied with the results so far. My play throughs feel really fun and difficult. At least, the difficult part exists when I don't play a summon based build, haha.

In any case, once I get to beta, I'll probably post on the Steam Forums as well.

06-16-2017, 01:58 AM
Release v1.0 is now out.

Full patch notes are in the download and also: https://pastebin.com/Mey1WdcH

Here is a preview:

Zombasite More Mod - An Overhaul Mod
Release Version 1.0

We did it! At long last, this mod is finally finished!

This mod is the result of probably somewhere between 100-150 hours of development and playtesting over the course of 2 months. A small project for me, but one with big results!

The changes in this release patch specifically are the culmination of my testing of the game over the past couple of weeks. I made it a goal to play every class until I felt confident in knowing its true power. And, I also made it a goal to use every skill in the game at least once.

The results of this were incredible. Skills that I thought were useless actually have really strong mechanics. Combined with the changes I had made while modding, some turned out to be nuts. For example, Death Rune is actually nuts. Huge AoE damage that goes through walls. Itís actually bonkers. Same goes for Stealth. It gives so much bonus physical damage per point invested... and its damage buff lingers. Really strong. These skills were just overlooked by me historically since I hate rouges and didn't think that that the Reaper sub-class was that good. But now that I've tried out a lot of these niche skills and combos on chars, I've managed to get a taste for the true power level of all classes.

All of the classes will now feel really good to play to the extent that almost every random hybrid combination should feel very solid and entirely playable. And, if you have a need that a skill can meet, then it will almost always feel really good to invest into that skill and acquire it. There are now hundreds of new builds to play that are competitive and hardcore-viable; which is an extremely big deal for hardcore enthusiasts as there is really only one competitive and hardcore-viable build in the vanilla game; Conjurer. Now, you can easily make a build with another class that is as good as or in some cases even better than a Conjurer, which is something that really can't even happen in the vanilla game. Again, the goal was to make it so that you could feel good about playing pretty much any random hybrid combination at the character creation screen, so the power levels between classes have been brought way closer together while letting their individual strengths shine.

So, I end my introductions with this. If you enjoy Zombasite or if you don't. If you have complaints with the base game or just want to try something different. Regardless of the reason, I highly recommend checking out this mod at least once and seeing how it plays. It's a brand-new experience, one that you likely won't regret.


( Tchey )
06-16-2017, 04:58 AM
Great job, i enjoyed following your progress reports.

Now i only need time to play it.

I guess you will update it when Zombasite expands ?

06-16-2017, 09:10 AM
Yeah I'll update it for the expansion.

07-01-2017, 02:33 PM


As promised, this patch is really just a lot of polish on 1.0 based on my time playing the game.

So, after playing 1.0 for a while, I realized it was just way too hard. I had balanced my stats for the beta and 1.0 very diligently to be super perfectly balanced. But, I didn't account for one thing... the stat bonuses that higher tier unique monsters get! A demigod has 1.6 times the normal stats of a regular monster... so how could my formulas ever be balanced for that? Definitely not.

In any case, lots of random things I missed are fixed, lots of QoL changes, a few tweaks and polish all around. I did reneg on what I said a little bit though on the warrior changes.

Warrior Rebalance:

Added "Magic Fist" to Savior. This 8 mana attack lets your strike foes from afar. But be warned, power comes with a price. This attack is extremely expensive. And let's not forget, Executioners may now use this ability as well...

I also reworked defender a little bit by changing some names and switching around its power. It's a lot more tanky now in the early game due to the availability of flat stats. There was one big change that I made that has to be pointed out. The Warding Shield skill has been removed and replaced by Toughness. The difference is that Toughness doesn't require a shield. If you are running a warrior, then spec out of Warding Shield before upgrading to v1.0.1. If you upgrade without reading this particular note and need to fix this, just install the 1.0 mod again (in the "Previous Versions" folder of the docs folder), unspec and then reinstall 1.0.1.

Everything Else:

- Health Regeneration Mod value reduced properly. I was using the wrong variable before.
- Berserk attack bonuses have been scaled down. Damage bonus scaled up. Defense penalty scaled won. Attack bonuses nerfed.
- Nerfed skill block. Right now, it can only be used by NPCs, so I hadn't changed stats. But, I forgot that you can just load npcs up with items, so with +1k defense and vanilla block, your npc will become a god.
- Slaughter and whirlwind's passive weapon damage mult nerfed by 2%.
- Evasion (the skill) rebalanced.
- Monster damage has been reduced globally for each difficulty level.
- All weapons deal more damage than ever before. (Spells were just too much better).
- Unique monster stat bonus scaling has been halved. Unique 10 and Unique 11 still get a bit of a bonus over the other tiers though. I also massively reduced size growth.
- Monster enhancement sized related bonuses have been nerfed.
- Pet damage resistance, armor and health affixes have been nerfed like pet damage mod. This will make it require even more investment to get strong summons.
- Weapon speed is restricted to weapons once again.
- Happiness, insanity and morale now have 4x lower spawn chance.
- Fixed math on Elixir of Holy Shield. Now properly scales up to 100% DR at ilvl 75. Lasts for 5 seconds base now.
- Stat elixirs now scale half as fast. Honestly, stat potions are just too good. This makes investment into stats and skills with stat points more meaningful.
- Reverted buff to all stats mod on items. 25% decrease.
- Magic find elixir has been reworked. Starts at 100%, increases to 200% at max level.
- Resistance potions no longer drop. This mod was never balanced around them. And the Holy Shield elixir is meant to fit the defensive slot (Also nimbleness elixir).
- Added 5 new Elixirs to discover. Used artwork of resistance potions on them.
- Extra Money Affix now starts at 50% and scales up to 250%. Yup. Now if you want to just randomly get rich off of cash drops, you can do it! Can be pretty impactful late game, but it makes random gold affix mod on unique+ gear okish.
- Random avatar spawn chance on kill is now at 1% chance per kill on a monster. This is far more common than before and will lead to a lot more fun and dangerous situations. Always STAY WOKE.
- All of the town invasion type quests are far less likely to occur upon killing monsters. This makes farming dungeons a lot less annoying.
- Slightly increased secret stash size from .35 to .40. I was finding them rarely at .35... so .40 should be perfect.
- Bonus chests now guarantee a unique or higher drop. Doubled health of bonus chests. Added flag so they don't get stuck. Not sure if it will work, but oh well!
- NPCs are now like players, they can equip anything! Enjoy! I spent like an hour trying to remove the ability to equip individual weapon/armor pieces on npcs and could NOT get it to work. It is definitely hardcoded. How do I know? Well, I removed every mention of the word 'cape' from the npc archetypes file and placed my 'skill modskillwearall' at the end of every function of the file with the replace function. And yet, monsters still spawn with capes. So, nothing I can do. This also very convincingly proves a lot of my suspicions about hidden hard coded stuff that has bothered me for a long time.

07-02-2017, 02:02 PM

Now that I can actually play higher levels for a change, I am able to further refine the late game balance and address any issues that pop up.

I was able to play a warrior up to level 39 before dying from the last patch to this one... which was extremely impressive to me. This run really showed me that it is absolutely possible to play any character up to level 100 with the game as is. Though, it will certainly be hard.

- Pet health is appropriately nerfed. (was overlooked).
- Stunning blows now only last for 0.5 seconds. 2 seconds was far too long.
- Magic Strike starts at 30 mana cost now as intended.
- Added teleport to lightning mage. Wizard just doesn't feel right without a teleport.
- My new custom elixirs can now stack. There is no longer an 'only one' restriction.
- The Thorns affix has been set to 0% spawn rate. Honestly, I never really liked reflect mechanics. I'm totally fine with glacier as it has fixed damage. But, thorns is just unfun. I also removed the damage reflect off of the monster enhancements fire shield.
- Combat reflexes has been brought down to 4 stat points per level. (I like 6... but just a tad too op).
- New skill Cognition added to lightning mage. It's a generic +intelligence passive.
- Combat experience potion is now 25% base instead of 50%. oops.
- Rebalanced drop rate of crafting materials one last time. Everything is level except for gems which are 1/2 as common.
- Lifesteal mod nerfed to 1/100th. (I changed to incorrect value before. Should have been 1% base plus .2% per level.... is 100% + 20% per level atm.)
- Devastating Blow damage per mana growth reduced to .2 per level. I won't discuss the strategy behind abusing this ability... but it's just too overpowered as is. Probably is just op even with this massive nerf, but oh well. The skill is intrinsically op.
- Lose timer is now 60 seconds.
- The bonus experience maximum level cap has been removed. This is to encourage taking riskier, more aggressive actions which will likely lead to death. Yay!
- The spawn rate of the above-normal bonus chests has been doubled. And the godly bonus chest, that I had set to be way rarer than the 2nd most rare is now 5x more common (makes it about 1/2 as rare as perfect chests). Again, encouraging riskier play.
- Breakable chests now contain an item 2 out of 3 times.

As a last, not documented in patch notes change, I put previous versions in their own folder on mediafire so that the file size doesn't majorly increase every time I release an update.

07-15-2017, 11:32 AM
The "Legendary" Patch.

So, this patch was just going to be 1.0.3 with all of my tiny tweaks from over the past few weeks. But this morning, I made some really large breakthroughs. My only concern with this patch is that players might be a little overpowered now. But, well, only time will tell! We'll see.


Potion Stacking Bug.... IS FIXED!

So... the backstory is that I think that every entry in items.gdb was not really overriding, it was creating an entirely new item. This was making all of the duplications and simply causing all of my item based issues.

I hand-edited items.gdb to only change what needs to be changed and this fixes a ton of issues and makes numbers look better all around.

Since there are literally duplicate copies of items in the game that I removed, there is a very high chance that your save file won't load with those items in it. You can scavenge all items that you think are bad dups (or drop then and create a new area, or just scavenge all items) if you really want to preserve your character (totally possible). But, if you try to play the patch as is, chances are high that the game will exit when loading your character and give you a notice about item corruption. So, yeah. Sorry about this... but it's a really big fix that has to be done. And thankfully, it's something that will never crop up again! This ghost of my past is no longer haunting me!

The Big Stuff!


So, I have absolutely no idea how the game spawns legendary items. Like, it has to be hardcoded because there are no pre-setup legendary items inside of items.gdb. Yet, legendary items can spawn. And, I know that legendary items need to be setup because I tried to have a legendary ring drop with near-vanilla settings (just had a small file to make legendary rings have 100% drop rate) and I couldn't get one to drop. Unique and Artifact rings dropped just fine, and as soon as I made a legendary ring, it dropped just fine as well.

In any case, because I know that I can setup legendary items, that's what I did! I created legendary.gdb using some Regex wizardry to create legendary copies of all artifacts in the game. This makes it so that legendary versions of everything can start dropping from very early on in the game. And, you can now find legendary rings, necklaces and jewelry as drops. Very Exciting!

Monsters Tiers:

I reworked monster tiers one more time because I felt that fighting a Demigod was just... too mundane. When a Demigod appears, you should be shitting your pants and fleeing for your life. Even daring to fight one should be practically suicide. And, while that is somewhat true right now, it's just not to the same degree as I was hoping. And they just don't feel 'distinct', like I want them to. So, let's go to the next level!

- Unique2 and higher monsters will now all have different colored names. This will help you identify the monster that is going to kill you, or let you lament ignoring my warning on the next line as you die and read the color of the monster’s name.
- Be very wary of the purple and red named uniques... You have been warned.

* The Rest:
- Barkskin now gives 175 armor per level.
- Magic find potion is now an elixir. Starts at 50%, scales to 200%.
- Movement speed stat growth doubled.
- Holy Shield Elixir has been reworked. Now grants 33% damage reduction over 10 seconds. Only has 1 level. Is much rarer than other elixirs now.
- Elixirs now all have use timers of at least 10 seconds.
- Added elixir for armor, item find & status effect duration.
- Added Max Elixir. This powerful elixir has an extremely low drop rate. But, when consumed, you will have maxed stats for 3 seconds. Use it wisely.
- Midas Elixir gives 200 + 4% per level now. 60 second duration.
- Haste has had its time reduced to 10 seconds. I considered just making it weaker, but decided against it.
- The quake strike status effect used by quake strike and earthquake now has a 20% ms penalty instead of the 50% of before.
- Avatars are now twice as rare.
- Quests like town raids/curse, etc. 1/4th as likely now.
- Earthquake skill won't actually create an in-game 'earthquake'. While not thematic... falling rocks really suck with my mod because of how dungeon oriented it is. Also it was always kind of annoying anyways. Haha. *shrug*
- Wealth mod now gives item find chance as well... for those loot explosions.
- Stunstone gems are now twice as common. (In-line with buff to health affix spawn chance)
- Armor on items has been buffed pretty dramatically (like 50% more). Combined with the now available legendary armors you can find, you should be able to make a very tanky character.
- Potion stack size is now 99. Yay!
- Ice Armor down to 120 armor per level.

Final Comments: I'll be playing more over the weekend now that I made all of these changes so there may be another hotfix patch tomorrow. We'll see. But, this is at least a very solid patch that I wanted to get out.

Edit: I just want to say... after playing this patch for another 5 hours today, I can confidentially say this is 'the one'. The legendary title was well deserved. Probably seriously won't be another patch this time until the expansion. Forrealz this time.

07-15-2017, 08:14 PM
Did a small silent patch to take off thorns on lightning armor. Not sure how that got there, but yeah. Not going to do full patch number increment because it's so small.

Also, it seems like my worries about players being OP were unfounded. Got smokescreened next to triple berserker demigod... lol. Yeah, so thankfully I fled, but I'm really curious how hard he would hit for. Maybe 5k with a 10k crit vs. my 1.5k hp, lol. I'm not sure, lol. Thank god for these different colored name tags and the size scaling. It enables me to be prepare and be cautious when necessary. I'm like 99% sure I would have died if not for color changes...


07-17-2017, 01:01 PM
Legendary items are setup automatically. They are basically the same as the artifact item plus one random modifier.

07-17-2017, 11:01 PM

Thank you!

I'll fix my mod up thanks to that knowledge.

12-22-2017, 12:16 PM
Love this mod, and was wondering if it will be updated soon to support Orc Schism? It actually already works for the most part, just no changes to the new Bard classes. Thanks for all of your hard work, Destro!

01-22-2018, 11:11 PM
Hey @nefariousD.

Sorry, didn't ever see your post. I recently went through a job and apartment change and literally am just now getting settled entirely enough to start really developing the mod again. I didn't even get to play the vanilla expansion very much, :(.

In any case, I'm going to be reworking the mod soon(tm).

There are a substantial number of changes (too many...). The current version of my mod that is up is really imbalanced (game becomes practically unbeatable at level 60, unless you are a summoner)... and the next version will be a lot more balanced. (It already currently is... I just need to make another bunch of changes before I decided to push it out)

Soooo... yeah. That's the current plan. I obviously wish I could have pushed this out earlier, but life happens.

02-24-2018, 11:24 PM
Just wondering if theres a status update for this mod, still patiently waiting for it :)

03-16-2018, 05:20 AM
Patiently waiting :)

05-06-2018, 11:37 PM
TL;DR: The mod is updating in 1-2 weeks and will have major changes and updates.


I know that I said I'd get the next update to the mod out 'soon'. And, I really did plan to. But, well, life happens. So, after sorting everything out, I can finally play games again! And, I have come back hard to Zombasite to play and mod it once more. I'm reinvigorated and passionate about improving the game to meet my image of 'better rewards, more frequent 'stuff', harsher gameplay and very balanced gameplay from level 1 all the way to level 100'. And, I finally managed to experience the fruits of my labor a few minutes ago, which let me know that it's certainly time to make this post.

The first thing that I did when I came back was analyze my modding process. And, I immediately realized that I was working extremely sub-optimally. I was doing all of my balance calculations in a notepad document, which made the work needlessly more difficult than it needed to be. And, small calculations could create large errors.

(I'm a Software Engineer, so looking back, I have no idea why I choose to go about this task manually. I think it's because I didn't expect the work to be as much as it actually was. Calculating spell/skill damage requires accounting for so many variables that I didn't realize. So, as my work kept becoming more and more difficult, I just never made the mental shift to step back and reanalyze my work process. And, truthfully, the complexity of my calculations made my work daunting, which could have partially influenced my lack of desire to actually continue modding during the various other life changes that I was undergoing.)

Anyway, this realization resulted in me creating an Autohotkey application to simplify my work. And, it truly made my modding tasks substantially easier. I can now auto-patch my game's assets file and start the game with the click of a button! And, I can simulate damage values for every spell in the game at the click of a button. Because of these two features, I can easily simulate spell damage values by changing crit, direct spell damage, projectile damage, base cost, etc. and then play-test them within minutes, rather than what used to take literally hours. Yes, the process has been optimized by that much. (PROGRAMMING = OP)

Creating all of the pieces necessary to make this application took a while, certainly most of these past 3 weeks. But, it's benefits are too tremendous. I just play-tested spell balance at level 100, and, even though my simulations were only for damage vs. monsters at level 50, they scaled pretty much perfectly up to level 100. This is HUGE! As, it means that I can now rebalance the entire spell system rather quickly and with a very high degree of precision/accuracy. Though, I'm a bit sad that my simulations were so accurate that I might not even need to do another balance pass. Haha.

I expect the next update for this mod to be out in 1-2 weeks. And, I'm jumping to version '2.0' because the changes are extremely massive. The entire leveling system for spells is dramatically different from the base game and can really be said to be a major risk on my part. There are also a ton of other changes, as usual, that I made months ago and more recently.

Once I finish the remaining 6-7 items on my to-do list and do some more live playtesting, I'll be releasing the next version of this mod. And, again, this should take 1-2 weeks at most. But, even if I don’t finish everything on my list, I’ll release a ‘beta’ version in 2 weeks max regardless. I may also begin to add new content to the game after releasing 2.0, which more attentive folks may realize is something that I said I wouldn't do. But, that's still tentative. So, we'll see.

In any case, sorry for the wait. But, trust me, it will be worth it. I can’t wait to show off how much work has been done on this mod since the last release. :)

05-07-2018, 06:51 PM
Im glad your back at modding and cant wait to play it :D

05-20-2018, 05:53 PM
Zombasite More Mod 2.0
By: Destro*
Patch Notes

At long last, v2.0 is done!

This patch is a massive overhaul and update to this mod. It brings extremely refined balance to the table that has been both simulated and personally tested to ensure that gameplay feels fast-paced, rewarding and difficult all at the same time.

There are so many changes in this patch that I had to take it straight up to 2.0!
Yes, it is actually that massive and game changing.

A few notes

The only potentially big 'issue' with this patch is that Bards are simply not seriously balance-tested reworked. Bard overlaps a lot of the design space that I had previously allocated to other classes, such as paladin. So, I'm a bit uninspired on how to deal with the class as a whole. Hopefully within a week or two, when I get to perform a lot more playtesting, I will figure out what to do with them. But, in the meantime, my warning is that Bards may or may not be balanced. I've got no idea! :S

Second, the spell damages are simulated right now and I haven't had a chance to really playtest them. In theory, they are fine. But, over the next week or two, I'll be working to make sure that they, weapon damage and defenses are very balanced and even.

Now, onto the good stuff:

The Changes!
- "brace yourself"

- All spells are using a completely new damage scaling system.

Honestly, words don't do this system justice. You will need to play to experience it. You no longer level spells beyond their first level. Instead, you level a 'might' associated with it coupled with gear to achieve high damage.

This system was made with the purpose of enabling players to be free to use more than one spell or skill in combat. And, there are some serious pros and cons to this system that might make certain hybrid combinations far more viable than one might think at first glance.

- Every skill in the game has recieved another balance pass and been heavily rebalanced. Just like the first change, this has made the game so much more different from the vanilla game that it's seriously not even funny.

Weapons have been buffed massively. And, many spell and skill mechanics have been tweaked. For example, if you look carefully, you will see that chain lightning is now amazing compared to what it was before. But, lightning arrow no the other hand no longer stuns for 3 seconds (thank god). Another notable change is that the trap skills are now considered spells (so stack that spell damage)! And, there are lots of other tweaks. Feel free to experiment with skills to see what item affixes work with them versus which don't if you never did in the past because skill damage is balanced very heavily on the scaling capabilities of spells!

- As a whole, damage on everything is way up. This makes humanoid weapon users potent once again with weapons because their damage is up. Summon damage was unchanged, so the increases on damage of everything else indirectly nerfs summons by making them less competitive (though they are still good, just balance now imho). There are a lot of consequences to the changes and they have all been quite thoroughly tested. The game will feel like a brand new experience.

- Stat differences between monster ranks have been dramatically reduced from a top down perspective. By this, I mean I made all lower-ranked monsters stronger. And, this is to incentivize farming higher ranked monsters by making the far-too rewarding lower ranked monsters less rewarding.

- My unique potions have been massively rebalanced. All potions except max last for much longer. However, they are much rarer. I also added 'availableatmaxlevel' flags to max and holy shield, so they will actually drop now (starting from level 20 though).

- Reduced experience scaling at level 40+. (Was a bit nuts by level 60). However, level 80+ still slows down quite a bit and 95+ is very hard.

- I became tired of vitality being pretty much useless. So, vitality is now 5x more effective. While it still isn't as good as raw health, it is pretty damn good. (About 2/3rd as good). When stacked with raw health, it is quite potent.

- Corpse eating has been nerfed. All monsters require at least 10 corpses to reach max power. Furthermore, the bonuses granted are far more tame.

- Champion and above difficulties now let you go to monster levels 45, 65 and 85 respectively in areas. This is to incentivize traveling farther out from the starting zone of a town, even if you create the area at max level.

- I made the base durability for items 100 (vs. old 10) and durability growth is +2 a level. The reason why is because melee is the only play style that really cares about durability (because ranged doesn't get hit), so it suffers tremendously from this system in my mod because you have to tank a LOT more hits than in vanilla as a melee char. Also, it helps because weapon durability drops way faster in my mod due to having to attack stuff more.

- Many monster skills that I have missed in the past have been tweaked ever so slightly if they are far too op. Spider's web ability is now far less annoying at only 2 seconds of webbing. Percentage stat reductions are weaker. Etc.

- If you see your Nemsis... RUN! If you see your Arch-Nemsis, simply log out and create a new area, as you are likely one frame away from death haven't even realized it yet! But, if you somehow manage to slay them, then....

- Chests now drop way better loot. (3x increased rarity)

- Priest recruits can no longer learn hardiness, true aim or champion. These buffs are all too valuable on NPCs and really needed to go. So, rip.

- Many files have had unchanged values removed to further version-proof the mod (even though it's a bit late on that) and make the mod smaller overall.

- Updated special rooms file to now increase spawn rate of various rooms that I hadn't included before. (Probably used assets001 file instead of assets004 originally, woops).

- Turned on the backpack being enchantable flag. Item slots are EXTREMELY valuable. So, having 20 more of them is a MAJOR change. And, the game was naturally balanced around this. :)

- Fixed my 'monster archetypes.gdb' file to be correct. Placed behavior data in a 'MyBehaviorData' file.

- Dimensional Gates reworked: Now have a base health value of '150%' versus old 200%'. They can now eat up to 20 corpses and gain 10% per corpse. This is an overall nerf, as they are fairly tanky objects I found during playtesting.

- Plenty of other minor tweaks like set+ items giving +1 modifier now, flat health on items being buffed some more, etc. etc. etc.

- Balanced many aspects of expansion to be more in line with theme of mod. (Lifestones rarer, invasion chance of new orbs much lower, bard being weaker, etc. etc.)

- Reduced chance to get infected by monsters by an extremely large amount. (10k% less likely in some cases). Plaguelord still has very high chance of infection.


edit: streamed a bit of the mod and explained some stuff for the interested: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/263642496
Just some bonus content. :S

05-21-2018, 03:25 AM
Thanks for your work on this mod!

Question RE: leveling a "might" associated with a spell.

How do I find out what the particular 'might' is that I need to level up to strengthen a spell?

For example, after leveling I tried to spread statpoints around to see an increase in the damage of Shadow Bolt, but didn't see one. Are these levels only granted upon hitting 100 in a particular stat, and thus that's where gear comes in to increase the damage?

05-21-2018, 04:20 AM
Yeahhhhhh, that's something that I pretty quickly noticed during my play through. This information needs to get added to the skills to be made a bit more clear.

Basically, 'might' skills give you passive spell damage and a passive elemental damage bonus. Those are global bonuses. What isn't global, is the mana cost increase. Volcanic Might only increases the cost of your fire skills.

So, here is what happens in practice: if you get Volcanic Might, your ice spells become stronger without a mana cost increase because you get global spell damage with no mana cost increase on your ice spells. But, keep in mind that you don't get any ice damage % when you level up Volcanic Might, so you're missing out on a lot of multiplier damage (150% at level 50). This may seem overpowered, but truthfully this system is balanced by the opportunity cost of losing a hybrid class that is perhaps more aligned toward defenses (assuming that you are picking a class combination with multiple mights).

The more DPS oriented classes like Rouge and Wizard and have some tools in regards to defensive. But, they will never be as tanky as some of the more defensive class options out there, like their polar opposite Defender. They are meant to be powerful offensive classes with great utility, not tanks.

Hope that helps!

05-21-2018, 06:18 AM
Quick hotfix:


* Created Venom Might. (Not sure how I missed this!)
* Added venom might to various sub-classes.
* Buffed poison arrow to be more inline with the mod.
* Removed Earth Link.
* Generously distributed some more spell mights to various sub-classes.
* Removed LegendaryItems.gdb. There are still some issues to work out before I can release it sadly. :(

This update requires a character wipe if you had Earth Link or any set/unique/legendary items that the mod generated.

05-21-2018, 04:36 PM

* Readded LegendaryItems.gdb

So, it took like 7 hours to get this file fixed. But, it was worth it.

Basically, I had to modify my script to generate unique/artifact/legendary items while adhering to the rules: Make sure that there are enough generated unique/artifact/legendary items to overwriting all existing unique/artifact/legendary items and additionally make sure that there is a unique/artifact/legendary item for every base item. While really simple to write, the algorithms used were fairly difficult to develop and implement. But, I did it! So, this feature is done!

Now, all items have a unique/artifact and legendary variant. And, vanilla versions won't appear. Yay! Really import component of the mod, which is why I put a ton of effort into it.

On a related note, I'll probably slow down on the hardcore patching now that the main big issues are smoothed out from the release and try to move to a weekly/bi-weekly schedule as I incorporate feedback (assuming any comes in) and fix/rebalance stuff.

Edit: Played a few times on twitch. So, feel free to check out this VoD to see some live gameplay if you're curious about the mod. Sound is loopy at the start, but I fix it pretty fast (after first minute). (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/264020231)

05-22-2018, 10:51 AM
Does venom might scale poison aura from black guard?

05-22-2018, 07:19 PM
@karmakomando Only the poison damage portion. The spell damage portions doesn't influence it's damage.

I'm still considering nerfing the base damage of the DoT spells and incoorperating DoT % into the various Mights (a bit of a power shift, if you will). But, I need to play test with DoT builds first before I do that. In any case, this change is likely to happen and I'll be doing it within the next 2 patches.

05-26-2018, 08:07 PM

* Nerfed NPC version of Shatter skill.
* Nerfed Frenzy ability on darc orc's.
* Reduced wand spell damage by 3.33. (Was missing a 0 after decimal position, which was causing it to be 10x higher than intended. I then scaled wand up to be worth 3 item slots of value, to incentivize using them.)
* Staves now require more stat points to use (25% more).
* Staves now have 2.5 item slots of spell damage in value.
* Staves now drop more rarely, around the same amount as rings/necks/jeweler and plate equipment.
* Weapons drop much more rarely overall relative to other item types, which will make armor drops more common.
* Item disappear times adjusted to better accommodate realistic quick-farming scenarios: Normal = 60 seconds, uncommon and common = 30 seconds, rare = 120 seconds, very rare = 240
* Mutant recruits no longer can spawn with the banned buffs. (Hardiness/True Aim, etc.)

As a small note, haven't gotten to DoT testing on might skills. But, that's next on the agenda when my Mage character hopefully dies soon!

05-27-2018, 04:21 PM

* Fixed scaling on elite and higher difficulties to actually increase as intended.
* Teleport has been nerfed to have a 2 second cooldown. This makes it a lot less overpowered and makes it so you may want to use it strategically.
* Ball Lightning's Damage has been reduced to account for the fact that it can crit.
* Power has been shifted around on spells on more time. The higher end elemental spells had too much damage. I was using the wrong set of simulated data for them, which is why the numbers were so large. Woops. In any case, I nerfed them and then buffed spell damage because I had to nerf spell damage in the past because the numbers from the AoE spells were so high and to keep things balanced. This is the benefit of playtesting. So, yeah. This makes all of the non-super-high-end aoe spells stronger since spell damage is up to what I had originally intended in 2.0.

I had to do a few quick patches to fix up everything. But, 2.0.4 is now finally done. :>

06-07-2018, 04:51 AM
Thanks for the mod! I've been following it for awhile, but finally played through two worlds with it. The changes feel good, there are some nice QoL changes I noticed, but for the most part I couldn't pick out what was different from vanilla (haven't played in quite awhile).

However, I didn't see a single vendor in that entire time - is that intended?

If there is anything you want me to look out for during my playthrough (testing or feedback), let me know!

EDIT: Oh, I also noticed that one of my kicked clan members started his own clan, which was super neat - is that yours? That would be another value I'd like to change for myself, if you happen to know what the variable is. UPDATE: Found it! BanishedNpcStartCovenantChance in systems.

06-09-2018, 05:48 AM
Found the vendor changes, reverted them on personal preference.

While checking up to see what skills were affected by the various Arcane/Venom/Volcanic Might spells, I noticed a typo:

Base BaseSkillPassive
BaseName "Venom Might"
Desc "Become more skill with poison and at spellcasting, massively strengthening your spell and poison damages. (Grants global spell damage and poison damage while increasing the mana cost of all poison-based spells and skills.)"
TextureName Textures/Icons/Items/wands_archmage.tga

PassiveDynamicStatMultSpellDamage 1.0
PassiveDynamicStatMultPoisonDamage 0.07

DynamicStatMultPowerNeeded +1.0

Skill SkillWampirBlood
Skill SkillAuraOfPoison
Skill SkillPoisonArrow
Skill SkillNaturesRevenge

Skill PlayerShadowBoltSkillName
Skill PlayerDeathRuneSkillName

RequiredSkill-One PlayerArcaneBlastSkillName
RequiredSkill-One PlayerHolybolt
RequiredSkill-One PlayerArcaneSwarmSkillName
RequiredSkill-One PlayerBoltOfGloomSkillName
RequiredSkill-One PlayerDeathRuneSkillName

PerLevel SkillArcaneMightPerLevel
BaseCost 1

Any thoughts on giving these spells an active effect, requiring a wand and firing a missile of their respective element? As demonstrated by Tigrath in this thread. (http://www.soldak.com/forums/showthread.php?t=37246) You mentioned wanting to make wands more enticing - having a manaless ranged basic attack scaling with weapon damage would certainly do it.

06-09-2018, 07:39 PM
Thank you for pointing out the typo! I'll fix that right up for sure and put out a patch.

As for wand projectiles, it's a great suggestion, but I really want Fiery Blast and the other introductory level spells to fill that role of a 'ranged magic projectile' source of damage. Plus, there are some balance considerations there that would be a pain to deal with. :(

Wands are currently unique in that they have the highest per-gear slot source of spell damage, so I think that they are in a good spot right now. Mage's just needs more raw damage overall right now, which I'm fine-tuning with tons of playtesting for the next patch. And, once that is done, alternate damage sources will not be as appealing fo sho.

06-12-2018, 09:15 AM
A gift - Check the screenshots:

Base BaseNPCWarrior

Archetype ArchetypeNpcFreeRecruitWarriorMale

Skill SkillWearAll

Have to do this for every recruit type and archetype in Database\Monsters\npcTypes && Database\Monsters\npcArchetypes, including the expansion ones. Fairly certain you need to not use "overrides", and instead entirely copy and replace. As I understand it, override simply tacks on the new skill without deleting the old. Please correct me if I'm wrong, though!

Oddly I'm having mixed success - one female ranger has only SkillWearAll while another retains the SkillBasics. There must be some other section out there that I haven't found, yet.

You'd probably want to increase NPC starting skill points drastically if you implement this, though! Otherwise I worry they'd end up with 6 mediocre skills instead of 1 or 2 decent ones.

And another found typo (_npcArchetypes):
ModBaseArchetypeNpcFreeRecruitDemonHunter overrides BaseArchetypeNpcFreeRecruitDemonHunter
MinRandomSkills 3
MaxRandomSkills 4
MaxSkills 8Reaver
RandomSkill SkillUnholyStrike
RandomSkill SkillRampage

06-12-2018, 11:56 PM
Ahhh, the pain of the allow-equipment-slot skills. I had tried this in the past a few ways and had no success. But, I have improved a lot since then, so I can certainly give this another go!

And, regarding skill points, I agree that they'd need another balance pass.

Thanks for all of the contributions! If you have any more feedback Exovi please let me know.

As a side note, regarding the next patch: It'll be a little while for the next patch because I usually get the bulk of my work done on weekends and my birthday is this weekend (fun times with family, yay), thus, it might be a slow on the next patch. But, I'm like 99% sure that unless something catastrophic happens, the 23rd or 24th (likely the 24th) will be the next big patch day.

06-13-2018, 09:32 AM
I remember seeing you comment something about it more than a year ago when you first started on this mod! After getting a slew of awful recruits recently I looked into it as well.

I wonder if it would be possible to assign 2~4 random combat skills and 0~2 random work skills?

Have enjoyed your mod so far, I really like the implementation of Might spells.

Enjoy! I've a birthday coming up this 16th as well.

06-14-2018, 07:40 AM
The "Might" spells seemed pretty cool from a distance on a Savior/Fire Mage only using Sweeping Flames, but after playing until level 14 with an Ice Wizard they don't seem very balanced. With the below skills my wand's melee attack always did more damage than either spell.

[1] Arctic Shard
[1] Frost Nova
[8] Frozen Might

Each level of Frozen Might will only add 2 damage, and with 2.17 to 2.65 damage the Magic Crushing Blow (max roll) has little effect. For comparison, Sweeping Flames is 107-131 Base.

I think the Might passive and single level spells could work really well with some balancing, though. Perhaps balanced around keeping Might at 1/4 of their character level (which, coincidentally, is about 1/4 of their skill points). Someone could put his entire point base into Might for much higher damage, but would feel the diminishing returns on skill point and mana costs, plus less versatility from other skills.

Base BaseSkillOffense
BaseName $$ArcticShard$$
Desc $$ArcticShardDesc$$
TextureName Textures/Icons/Skills/arcticShard.tga
Power 2
TotalTime 0.83
Spell 2 // Should this be a 1?
UseCheckTime 1.0
UseCheckChance 0.6
Projectile ProjFrostShard
ProjMinDamage 2.17
ProjMaxDamage 2.65
ProjDamageType Cold
ProjStatusEffect 1
CastingAnimation startArticShard
Animation castArticShard
ShowSkillHint 1
StatusEffect StatusEffectArcticShard
BaseCost 1
StandStillToCast 1
MaxSkillLevel 1
I also noticed that PC Reavers are missing their Unholy Strike, PlayerSkillUnholyStrike doesn't exist outside of SkillTrees (check attachments)
ModSkillTreeReaver overrides SkillTreeReaver
Base BaseSkillTree
Name $$SkillTreeReaver$$
Desc $$ReaverDesc$$

Skill SkillAttackReaver
Skill SkillBowAttackHunter
Skill SkillWearAll
Skill SkillPassiveReaver

Skill SkillTwoHandedMastery
Skill PlayerSkillUnholyStrike
Skill SkillFireStrike
Skill SkillBreech
Skill SkillCharge
Skill SkillRavage
Skill SkillTerrorize
Skill SkillWampirBlood
Skill SkillRampage

Skill SkillVenomMight

06-15-2018, 12:57 AM
Warning: Wall of text! :D

Well the big problem that I face with spells is that the projectile spells are extremely overpowered in regards to their scaling potential.

Fire Maelstrom literally can only get spell damage and elemental damage. That's it. But, arctic shard can get spell damage, elemental damage, critical damage and projectile damage. I think that crushing blow is also exclusive to arctic shard in this example, but I don't remember 100% off the top of my head. So, I am not listing that.

What this means is that if I give Fire Maelstrom similar damage to arctic shard, then Arctic Shard will far outscale Fire Maelstrom from the very start of the game simply because it has 4 multipliers versus Fire Maelstrom's 2. In fact, unless I give it an obnoxious amount of damage (which I have via all of my calculations), it will never even have a chance to be comparable to arctic shard. This isn't exclusive to my mod either. In the vanilla game, projectile spells are overpowered relative to the big area spells as soon as you start getting decent amounts of projectiles (though the aoe spells are good for fast farming once overgeared!). Direct Spell Damage is likely implemented to balance that out a bit (and I haven't playtested in vanilla to know how effective it is), but it still doesn't change anything in regards to the power level of projectiles vs. aoe spells.

Ultimately, I'm starting to feel like I bit off more than I could chew. In order for my system to work 'ideally' and be balanced, all spells should be able to crit. And, there should be an 'Area Damage' mod similarly to the projectiles/direct spell dmg lineup. This would let me put similar numbers on the spells and make balancing godly easy, because all spells would have the same number of multipliers. But, I can't mod such changes in afaik. And, that's what's making balancing these spells so hard, because I literally can't achieve perfect balance with my current approach. Though, I still think that balancing around player level 50 (arctic shard has comparable damage to Fire Maelstrom at level 50) is about as good as I can ever hope to achieve with my current 'mights' system.

Idk. I've got a lot of mixed thoughts on changes that I could do to try to work this out. Like, for example, separate scaling for the spells with different multipliers? But, then that is basically like just going back to leveling up spells individually. Perhaps I need a hybrid approach between 'mights' and leveling up the individual spells? Well, still you'd go back to being incentivized to level just a few spells. But, if I get the numbers right, I suppose it could work because of cooldowns & it not being worth it to invest in a single spells beyond a certain point (negative damage growth scaling could be a thing?)? I don't know.

Well, that's kind of my thoughts on trying to balance out the spells. I think that the 'Might' system is a step in the right direction. But, another phase of change will be necessary at some point. If you have any ideas, please feel free to throw some out.

As for the 'spell 2' line, that's a typo. And, I will add in PlayerSkillUnholyStrike! Thanks for pointing them out.

06-15-2018, 10:36 AM
Thanks for the in depth breakdown! I didn't at all realize how the multipliers would affect them; haven't messed with many mage classes. I like the idea of separate scaling - would it be possible for the Might passives to apply different multipliers for different spells? I do like you system as you have it, especially with the mana cost trade-off, but only now realize the balancing problems.

Minor nitpick on mana cost - Frostbite has base 10 power cost *(equivalent to Ice Storm) AND per level mana cost scaling, AND is affected by Frozen Might. You might consider dropping it from the Frozen Might skill - it becomes insanely expensive for a single target debuff! Ice Prison has the same problem.

As far as biting off more than you can chew, yeah, maybe, but most of your changes are really solid! Shadow is probably really busy with the new game, but he might shed light on creating a new stat for AoE damage

EDIT: After playing to 25 and reaching higher levels of Int/Spirit/Mana Regen, that mana costs are entirely negligible even with Frozen Might, Mana Shield, and several draining auras - I should probably play a mage more before I give any feedback.

06-16-2018, 03:36 AM
Nah it's fine.

Mana costs are weird because I want 'mana shield' builds to be balanced. So, I have to balance around having player cast speed, the potential for mana shield and the spell casting rotation one may use's mana cost. Overall, mana costs are not meant too be too difficult to manage. But, I do want getting some source of mana regen to be necessary for mages.

edit: Got some more ideas for balancing spells I'm going to implement. Will need more time. Sooooo, yeap. Should be some good changes coming up soonish (tm).

06-25-2018, 05:14 AM
Venom Might doesn't seem to be working at all, damage on Nature's Might, Blight, and Wampir Blood are unaffected even when setting PassiveDynamicStatMultSpellDamage and PassiveDynamicStatMultPoisonDamage to 100.0 per level

Even when fixing the RequiredSkill values, no change at all. Not sure what the issue is, I will have to check the vanilla versions later.

Base BaseSkillPassive
BaseName "Venom Might"
Desc "Become more skill with poison and at spellcasting, massively strengthening your spell and poison damages. (Grants global spell damage and poison damage while increasing the mana cost of all poison-based spells and skills.)"
TextureName Textures/Icons/Items/wands_archmage.tga

PassiveDynamicStatMultSpellDamage 1.0
PassiveDynamicStatMultPoisonDamage 0.07
DynamicStatMultPowerNeeded +1.0

Skill SkillWampirBlood
Skill SkillAuraOfPoison
Skill SkillPoisonArrow
Skill SkillNaturesRevenge

Skill PlayerShadowBoltSkillName
Skill PlayerDeathRuneSkillName

RequiredSkill-One PlayerArcaneBlastSkillName
RequiredSkill-One PlayerHolybolt
RequiredSkill-One PlayerArcaneSwarmSkillName
RequiredSkill-One PlayerBoltOfGloomSkillName
RequiredSkill-One PlayerDeathRuneSkillName

PerLevel SkillArcaneMightPerLevel
BaseCost 1

Base BaseSkillPerLevel

PassiveDynamicStatMultSpellDamage 100.0
PassiveDynamicStatMultPoisonDamage 100.07
DynamicStatMultPowerNeeded +1.0

Base BaseSkillPassive
BaseName "Venom Might"
Desc "Become more skill with poison and at spellcasting, massively strengthening your spell and poison damages. (Grants global spell damage and poison damage while increasing the mana cost of all poison-based spells and skills.)"
TextureName Textures/Icons/Items/wands_archmage.tga

PassiveDynamicStatMultSpellDamage 100.0
PassiveDynamicStatMultPoisonDamage 100.07
DynamicStatMultPowerNeeded +1.0

Skill SkillWampirBlood
Skill SkillAuraOfPoison
Skill SkillPoisonArrow
Skill SkillNaturesRevenge
Skill SkillBlight
Skill SkillFoulStrike

RequiredSkill-One SkillWampirBlood
RequiredSkill-One SkillAuraOfPoison
RequiredSkill-One SkillPoisonArrow
RequiredSkill-One SkillNaturesRevenge
RequiredSkill-One SkillBlight
RequiredSkill-One SkillFoulStrike

PerLevel SkillVenomMightPerLevel
BaseCost 1

06-26-2018, 08:23 PM
Alright, I've managed to implement everything that you have pointed out so far Exovi except for Venom Might not working. Thanks for your contributions. I can tell you seriously scanned these files! :O

For Venom Might, it seems that the skill or required-skill sections are stopping the passive damage bonuses from working, because as soon as I remove them, the damage scaling works immediately.

This is a interesting problem I'll have to investigate very in depth on the weekend because the skill/required-skill fields are used to scale mana cost (at least I think). So, I'm not sure what I can remove safely versus not. And, in fact, I may need to use a different system for poison that I am now remembering (which is why I didn't implement Venom Might with the other mights I'm realizing).. but that'll be a ways off in any case if I decide to do that system....

In the worst case, I can just implement venom might as a permanent status effect buff. But, I will try to avoid that and use the most simple, intuitive and cohesive solution once I figure it out.

Also, for spells, my most recent solution flopped, so I still think the current 'might' system is about as good of a system as I can get. I really can't do much more than that. :*( In any case, I'm compensating Mage's with double base spell damage in the next patch. Yay!

So, the current plan is to fix this venom might scaling in depth and then I'll shoot out the next patch (probably Friday night). Also, I'm really confused why so many spells are not included in my skills file. I know I siphoned a bunch out to put into my separate files, but I'm surprised by how many wound up missing. I think I might have copy-pasted skills into a file that was overwritten at some point, which would explain why random skills are gone (like poison arrow isn't in any file atm, which is fine because it's a status effect, so maybe it was intentional... but still).

06-27-2018, 05:38 AM
Looking forward to the patch! It's a shame not many know about Zombasite, it's a solid game and I quite enjoy how easily moddable it is.

Do you think it would be possible to give Might-affected spells separate scaling? Spell A scales by 120% per level, while spell B scales at 75%?

My changes to the Wear-All skill on recruits is a little odd. Generating a new character gives most of the recruits the Wear-All skill and ~6 other skills, but as soon as the world is reloaded they're saddled back up with the Basic skills. They do retain those other skills, though.

Either way, the UI supports more than 8 skills - while you can't see them while directly selecting the character, they're visible when hovering over their name in the clan menu.

07-04-2018, 09:30 PM
Happy 4th of July! Woo! Patch is uploaded.


* Doubled base spell damage of all spells!
* Removed mana cost from Venom Might so that it actually works. Also, mana cost increase on poison skills is kind of meh, because they aren't spammed really. So, not a big deal.
* Fixed everything that Exovi pointed out on forum thread.


So, this is going to sound really anti-climatic... but.... this is the final or 2nd to final (at most) patch for this mod.

I say it seems anti-climatic, because well, this patch is only three lines long. And, considering how many behind the scenes hours were invested trying things out between 2.0.4 and 2.0.5... I really wish I could have produced 'more'. But, well, most of the things I tried didn't work out as I had hoped or didn't work at all.

Soooo, yeah. Overall I'm very satisfied with what I managed to accomplish with this mod. I mean, I feel like I furnished a kind of old-fashioned house into a super modern villa. My four goals on the front page have been achieved (more stuff, real difficulty, balance, reduce cheese). And, Zombasite feels like a completely different game with it added.

Anybody else is welcome to continue to work on it if they want, as I'm going to start working on other projects. I'd pretty much only do a 2.0.6 if there is some game/mod-breaking issue that really needs addressed.

As a final note, funnily enough, I've yet to beat this mod on hardcore yet! But, I will one day! (Monsters get SCARY!)

Best of Luck! And, see you all around on the forums! Enjoy! :D

07-16-2018, 10:31 PM
Does this mod remove the attack scaling for crit? it seems to stay at 0 all the time.

Edit: By the time this got approved i went through the files, it does seem it does but makes the other crit benefit (or just item ones?) 6.66x

Seems the deathknight poison aura doesnt scale with... even the venom might? or anything else. Add blight to that, the +poison from venom might works but i have no idea how to scale it otherwise. By lv8 its feeling pretty bad.

On a side note..was it on purpose the rogue's critical strike has a 1 second cooldown but a .66 second cast time?

07-21-2018, 02:13 PM
Hello @scrangos,

I'm going to respond to your post with some comments in the hope that it helps you look into the issues to fix yourself or others if you'd like. My disclaimer is that I'm not supporting the mod anymore and won't be releasing any patches for any reason as I'm working on higher priority projects (gotta make that $).


I only tested Venom Might with Poison Arrow when Exovi made his reports and it worked, so I kind of assumed it would work with everything else (because why wouldn't it?). I've no idea why it's not working with DK poison aura or blight.

For rouge's critical strike, it wasn't on purpose. One of the sweeping changes I made to rouge was reducing the cast times on skills to .66, so I just made that change without reducing the cooldown. I would not be surprised if there are other oddities in rouge as I don't play it very often (I think I mentioned in some old post here I don't really like rouge). Oops.

Both interesting finds.

07-25-2018, 02:30 PM
I very like this mod, but I have a question: did anyone play this longer?
When i play some hours
I am start randomly kicked out of the game.
When start crashing, have more frequent crash. sometimes half an hour, sometimes 5 minutes.
even if I stay on the menu and do nothing (clans and monsters are fighting in the background)
Oddly enough, it also crash me out during the pause.

the console shows some critical errors in this mod.
"Unknown CharacterStat name Disabled"
"Unknown DamageType name"
"Unknown StatusEffectType name"
"Unknown StatusEffectType ArmorAuraFriendly"
"Unknown StatusEffect name"
"Unknown SimpleEvent name"

I search this lines using notepad++ but everything is only in
zombasite.exe except "ArmorAuraFriendly" This one line is in Mod files and delete it "fix" error in debug console.

Do you have the same problem?

09-23-2019, 05:09 PM
I only tested Venom Might with Poison Arrow when Exovi made his reports and it worked, so I kind of assumed it would work with everything else (because why wouldn't it?). I've no idea why it's not working with DK poison aura or blight.

I tried to fix Venom Might and it's complicated. I could not reproduce issues with Mana Cost increase causing modifiers not to work. However, it turns out Spell Damage doesn't increase a spell's Damage over Time when dealt with a status effect.
I'll make another post to discuss the underlying mechanics because the first draft of this post got way out of hand.
Anyway, here is the best fix I could come up with.

Install by putting it in the assets folder together with assets005 from the download in the first post. The fix has to be alphabetically after the Zombasite More Mod (I think, not a problem anyway if nothing was renamed).


-fixed Venom Might by adding Skill Damage and EnhanceStatusEffect to all Poison Spells that were included in 2.0.4 (includes Poison Arrow but not the passives from melee).
-readded Mana Cost increase to Venom Might
-Other Damage over Time spells do not scale with their Mights (this is not new, it just hasn't been reported before)

Also note that Paladin Auras are broken (at least the armor and healing one, haven't tested the others) and the Bard class wasn't rebalanced (I think), so avoid these if you are trying to play the mod as it was designed. Sometimes the game crashes with the mod like the post before this mentioned, but it's not game breaking.


@Destro: 1. There is no stat inflation in your Mights like there is in vanilla Masteries. Am I right to assume this is intentional to make the game harder and harder in higher levels?
2. Do you mind if I copy&paste some of this mod into my own projects that I may or may not release at some point? With credit of course.