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04-24-2011, 09:23 AM
hello everyone...iv been fidling allot with the drop rates but i cant find the right formula to get loads of uniques and rare / epic items to drop plus only whites so i can find better big bags..can someone plz explain to me how the drop rate formula works.....ok so this is the original

ItemNormalChance 100
ItemCommonChance 15
ItemUncommonChance 35
ItemRareChance 35
ItemVeryRareChance 35
ItemSetChance 30 // 35
ItemUniqueChance 70 // 50
ItemArtifactChance 25
ItemLegendaryChance 25

is this percentage based ? cuz when i tried 100 on all only legendary/blue dropps...so i figured if a higher quelety item gets rolled it will overwrite the ones under ..but i tried have the first 5 at original and the rest higher to like 80ish..but they never dropped anyways so that means it cant be percentage based...im totally confused >_< plz someone with bigger brain then me help ...i just want allot of legendary artifact uniques set and very rare and WHITE stuff to drop so i get bags...but don't want greys..thx to whoever can help me

04-24-2011, 10:29 AM
Whenever an item drops, it goes through a series of checks. First it checks whether the item is common. There is a 15% chance that the check will succeed. If it succeeds, then it will move on to the next tier of items. If the check fails, then the item won't become that rarity.

So the values for those variables are percentages, but they work a little weird. So as an example, if you only wanted set and legendary items to drop, you would use the following:

ItemNormalChance 100
ItemCommonChance 100
ItemUncommonChance 100
ItemRareChance 100
ItemVeryRareChance 100
ItemSetChance 100
ItemUniqueChance 40
ItemArtifactChance 100
ItemLegendaryChance 100

In this example, every item has a 100% chance to be at least a set item. Once it reaches the "Unique" check, the item has a 40% chance to fail the check and remain a set item, and a 60% percent chance to continue on all the way to the "Legendary" check which will always succeed.

So you should be able to take things from there. Find the right balance to suit your needs. And in case my explanation wasn't clear enough for you, you can find it explained a bit differently in this thread (http://www.soldak.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2290).

04-24-2011, 01:38 PM
i still dont understand realy how it works >_<,,,can someone plz just tell me how to edit so i get loads of all types of good dropps plus only whites?not greys

04-24-2011, 01:44 PM
plus is there any way to turn of greys and only get whites ? or just spawn loads of bags ? >_<

04-24-2011, 01:52 PM
plus allso i forgot...how do i change gold drop rate increase..sry about the spam posts >_< just need loads of gold to try out difrent specs and combinations ....cuz it costs so damn much >_<

04-25-2011, 01:06 PM
To do what you are trying to do you would want to do something like this:

ItemNormalChance 100
ItemCommonChance 15
ItemUncommonChance 100
ItemRareChance 100
ItemVeryRareChance 100
ItemSetChance 100
ItemUniqueChance 70
ItemArtifactChance 25
ItemLegendaryChance 25

No you can't get rid of greys and keep whites. They are the same rarity.

To change the money drops you would want to change MoneyChance and other stuff in systems.gdb.

09-11-2011, 04:13 PM
dont mean to bump an old post But,

I have been tweeking around with item drop rates for a few days now and finaly i think i have found a good round about drop rate for all items /excluding white/grey... im not sure but i think only one grey has dropped from this setup..

How ever like stated in other places this also effects Shops and Chests. It also effects potion vendors and normal vendors making them have almost nothing most of the time ?

Is there a reason thies vendors dont have much .. i hardly ever see bags in the shops now.

Also as you will see in what i have modded im not totaly sure about the second set of var's-- i only started messing with them cause they sounded(byname) like they may have an impact on the drops.

Here is my moded code ready to be used-

File name - mod_rareMagicItems_high.gdb

ModRareMagicItemsGame overrides SpawnSystem
ItemNormalChance 80 //100
ItemCommonChance 99 // 15
ItemUncommonChance 95 // 35
ItemRareChance 90 // 35
ItemVeryRareChance 85 // 35
ItemSetChance 80 // 35
ItemUniqueChance 75 // 50
ItemArtifactChance 70 // 25
ItemLegendaryChance 65 // 25

ItemNormalLevelSpreadMult 1.00 // 1.0
ItemCommonLevelSpreadMult 1.00 // 5
ItemUncommonLevelSpreadMult 0.35 // 5
ItemRareLevelSpreadMult 0.45 // 4
ItemVeryRareLevelSpreadMult 0.55 // 4
ItemUniqueLevelSpreadMult 0.75 // 25
ItemArtifactLevelSpreadMult 0.75 // 25
ItemLegendaryLevelSpreadMult 0.95 // 25

i kept the old Var's for referance, this will drop a large range of all items of greatly varring levels and qualitys. It does Drop alot of stuff normaly how ever after going from 1-35 so far i still have not been able to build the set im looking for.

Im not making a "set" more like items with the variables i want like
cast haste on self when hit. @lv 35 though i have fianly started finding the new tier of lv9 haste items quite fun when you have 7 hastes stacked and attack buffs going .. Zoom Zoom .. my brother made a 3 class hybrid that gets up to 2600dps at the moment @ lv 35..

Now thats hack and slash.

By the way Shadow do you have a post i missed some where about the second set of Vars "LevelSpreadMult" ? anyhow thanks.

09-12-2011, 10:32 AM
Bags is a normal item so you aren't going to see them very much with this setup.

The LevelSpreadMult stuff just controls how far below the drop level can be compared to the loot level. So if you killed a level 50 monster normal items can be farther below level 50 than unique items.