View Full Version : SPEED bonus disappearing.

11-05-2017, 06:53 PM
So the thing is that speed bonus goes away. Literally.

I had a gun with +30% something speed bonus. DPS 100(lvl 30)(It was virus)
So I bought it.

Fired it and found that I can use it again when it's only 2/3 ready. So I started. Later on - I found that this aint working - checked again - it's 80 DPS, speed only +6%.

11-05-2017, 07:08 PM
https://imgur.com/a/c7Ikb - screenshots of dis.

That's the same Virus.

Offtopic: What are the chances for a fix?

11-06-2017, 12:27 PM
I added it to the list, but I'm not likely to do a Drox patch any time soon.

11-07-2017, 10:11 AM
Also. The shown CD of stuff with a speed bonus is not correct.
So IF I install a weapon with 10 second CD(For example), add 3 equipment pieces with 50% speed bonus, add a chip for 50% speed bonus and use it from the quick menu (press 1 for example) - it will still show CD of 10. But I will be able to use it when it's at 1/3 of it's CD again, thus refreshing the goddarn CD