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12-21-2017, 02:42 AM

Racial Restructure was the result of me being butthurt over the 'Prime', or vanilla, races being a great deal weaker than the unlockable races of the Ancients expansion. So I ~fixed~ it! Prime and Unlockable Races now have equalized bonuses across the board, as well as me fixing the two or so races that had different base attribute bonuses than they had derivative secondary statistics.

That, and I also rejiggered so all races have full 4 racial slots, with an extra Light-grade equipment instead of a Crew slot. And racial slots are now solely for gear that uses power, to make good on that benefit of racial slots.

There are some tooltips showing improperly, but unless there is a mechanical issue such as the noted equipment not being equippable(as showed up for Lithosoids at one point), I am likely not going to do anything about it. That was the same reason I used for not changing primary attributes for anything, as the primary attribute bonuses you get for free are tied to the ship and not the race directly, and I wanted to minimize the amount of work I had to do to achieve my goals.

Also there was an accident with the Brunt, which I am not a fan of, but I found no solution other than making them Tactical/Engineering, as the Barbarians aren't bright enough to pick up a secondary statistic, which would've left me at the only difference between the two being what slots they had. I might end up doing that if there if people find that unlikeable.

Edit: Oh and dump the zip-file as it is over here: "Drox Operative\Expansions\Exp1\Assets" and it should be good to go.
Optional download link: https://tknk.io/adgm

03-28-2018, 10:42 AM
Bumping this since it looks like it was updated.

Shadori Absolia
10-13-2018, 09:50 AM
hey guys @shadow I need help im sure this dont require hardcode conflicts (im hoping it dont) but I like dryad race and I like how they affect the ship crew wise... with that being said I need help switching the scavenger starter playership with the crew4 dryad crew to be used I attempt to do so but the system fail to recognize the path and was asking me to save it as another txt.file but I didn't want to mess it up so I cancelled the saving or making it possible so that I can put any race in that slot I hate being grid locked with that one race :( I need help with either making a mod that edits this or a walkthrough of what to change so the game dont freak out over the changes.

Update: I just realized also another few things I was also trying to assign a default Powercollecter the weakest in the game as a starter item and the slot for it and I realized the Powercollector is a medium weighted slot item the slot it's in the scavenger race is blank but im sure if some help and insight on how to go about this and maybe making this as mod is safer as well since it editing prime asspects of the game and only wish to edit to the degree where the change ain't game breaking.

also I used crew4 which I believe is the asset setup for the dryad race's crew and the scavenger's race was crew42 and I was searching the files and searching for may be causes resource conflicts and saw that the expansion dont mention the lesser prime race in it's race crew file asset for the expansion part im not exactly sure how to appourch this I have an idea but my gut tells me it will causes errors unless I know what I need to change in the retrospect of the files.

i also used the code powercollector1-1-cheap for the starting item and set basepowercollector for the blank raceslot in the empty scavenger race slot but this one of error i got whoch was system could not file location @.@ then prompt me to save it as a new file offering to save it in a code format but i feel i shouldn't have to go that extra step to change it so i kow one or more of these edits are conflicting somewhere

10-20-2019, 01:41 AM
good mod, a recommend from me