View Full Version : [MOD] Cape and Full Plate for Healer SkillTree

12-24-2017, 04:48 PM
I have taken DanSota's 'Healer with Cape' mod and added a single line to slap the Plate Armor skill onto the end of the Healer Skill Tree. To be clear, it adds both the starting skill to wear Capes, and the purchasable Plate Armor skill. I made it for myself as a personal Quality of Life mod and it works for me, so I decided I would share it here.

On one hand, there is only really one way to work with the skill tree coding, and it is fairly easy to refer to the core game files to figure them out. On the other hand, I still directly modified a file that DanSota originally created, so I made a point of securing permission from him to post a derivative of his work. His original version can be accessed on post #6 in this thread (http://www.soldak.com/forums/showthread.php?t=36124) as mod_HealerCape.zip. There are quite a few other mods in that old thread that still work, so you might want to take a look if you are not already familiar with what is available there.

To use, download the attached mod_HealerCapePlate.zip and place it in "/Zombsite/Assets/". Make sure that you only have one version loaded. I expect that this will not be compatible with any other mod that touches the Healer Skill Tree. I am not planning on supporting it further beyond posting it up on here, but I doubt it will ever require any future updates to keep working.

1) Personally, I have become frustrated with always feeling I needed to take Defender or Reaver if I wanted to have access to Plate Armor on a Hybrid character. I wanted another option.

2) I generally expect fantasy RPG healers to be clerics in full plate. Of the available skill trees, it seemed one of the most appropriate places to add it.

3) Through a little experimentation, I confirmed that some other classes either appear to have reached a hardcoded cap on the number of skills in their skill tree, or would potentially have some UI presentation issues if I tried to cram another skill into their skill tree screen. Healer had the room to add it with no problems.

4) Selfishly, a) I use Healer 90% of the time as one of my hybrid choices, b) DanSota's mod was already set up to modify Healer and I was already using it, so c) I could make this change with negligible effort on my part.