View Full Version : Editing quests in a currently-running sector?

05-05-2018, 06:38 AM
After a few months of on-and-off playing, I've emerged almost all of the subraces in one galaxy. All but one: The Drakk-Cortex Hybrid. No matter how many races I resurrect or how long I leave the Drakk swamped in problems, they just refuse to show up at all. They're the very last obstacle to a galaxy with all races and subraces emerged in it (except monster races and ancients, though a few of them managed to emerge anyway), and frankly I'm tired of trying to emerge them and always failing; I've been running so many level 50 sectors as a level 78 ship with no hybrids to show for it, and I just want to move on already.

So I ask: Is it possible to edit the quests that races offer in a currently-running sector? All I want is the quest where the hybrids break out so I can finally hand over the guerilla weapons I've been holding onto for so long now and put an end to all of this. Alternately, is there a way to force a resurrection quest to resurrect a specific race instead of a random one?

05-07-2018, 01:52 PM
You could probably make a mod that increases the chances of that specific quest a ton.