View Full Version : I am so lost, even with the basics of modding---

05-07-2018, 12:40 AM
So, all I really want to do is make the bags larger, and some more skill points per level... maybe even make levelling go faster. I went into the .gdb files, and tried but I couldn't get it to save.

I read all I could find, looked at everything posted--- and I am at a LOSS

I am so enjoying this game--- but I am a min/max monty haul dude, not a hard core dude...

As Montgomery Burns once said, "Some men are born with God-Given gifts. Cheating is the gift Man gives himself"

Help this slow, lame cheater-ish dude!

BTW, I don't do co-op its just for me

05-07-2018, 01:51 PM
If you are in a recent windows version, it will allow you to look at the gdb files, but you can't save them because the files are actually in a zip file.

You pretty much need to go through the mod process. You can read the Mod SDK from Drox Operative here (http://www.soldak.com/Drox-Operative/mods.html) (I never released one for Zombasite, but it is the same thing).

You can also download some of the various mods on the forums or from that same Drox page to see some examples.

05-07-2018, 04:09 PM
Thanks so much--- I did read them, but I guess I need to try again. Thanks for your support (and a kick-ass game!)

05-07-2018, 06:06 PM
I really suggest grabbing someone else's mod and taking a look at it then.

It really just boils down to a new file in the correct directory, zipped preserving the correct directory structure, an overrides or addsTo entry for the correct entries you want to change, and then adding the parms/values you are changing.

05-07-2018, 06:09 PM
Thats what I did! Making the bags bigger (as I said, I am a monty haul) and something that said made leveling easier. Tried it at lunch, and it worked great. Thanks again for all your help!!!!