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10-01-2018, 10:05 AM

Thanks for a great game - I have spent hours playing this with several chars.

My hardcore healer/druid was trying to win a Holy War, and had gotten down to having only one more altar to destroy. I searched for it, and got told it was in one area. I looked on the map in that area and did not find any marker. Upon looking through other areas, I found it was in an adjacent area and underground. I went down into the area's only dungeon, ran into lots of monsters and the game crashed. Upon restarting, I could find no such altar or quest in the dungeon, and I'm thinking I will have to abandon the area to move on.

My concern: different sources give me different info about this P1 quest. The upper left corner of the screen tells me it it in one area, where I don't find it. The quests-in-area info under the little blue "i" for another area says it is there, and underground, but I don't find the quest in what I have confirmed is the second area's only dungeon. I'm willing to accept there may be a yet-undiscovered secret area in this well-explored area, but finding that may be frustrating for me and potentially for other gamers.

Thanks for your time.

10-01-2018, 11:50 AM
Can you email me your character & world save files?