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10-01-2018, 03:53 PM
After playing Din's Legacy for the first time for a couple of hours yesterday i got to say i am enjoying myself tremendously. I always loved hybrid characters and this new mutation system is the proverbial cherry on an already tasty RPG series.
(I hope balance / ease of mutating to something laughably overpowered will be addressed as we go along though :) )

That said, i suspect the quest system has gone broken somewhere between Din's Cure and Din's Legacy. In my current world it appears that a new uprising quest is generated every 2-4 seconds on average without any real break in that spree. In fact, if i surface from a dungeon the entire screen (1920*1080 resolution) is entirely filled with thrash monsters along with 5-10 boss level monsters at the same time.

For fun sake i have been charging straith into the mob killing hundreds and hundreds before being stunlocked or slowed so badly that Defy Death combined with Earthquake simply couldn't keep my health up (Either due to FPS drops or due to their spells). After clearing dozens and dozens of quests in rapid succession using AoE attacks it seems the system is extremely keen on replacing them as fast as they are cleared (Which makes it impossible to win a "Clear all quests" victory).

World Information:
Din's Legacy version: 0.804
World: Very fast pace, Tiny, 8 Clans.
World Parameters: Low Stress, Zombies Allowed, Raging Hordes, All Levels Connected.

The attached file are the characters logs, character file and world files. I think i copied everything that seemed relevant for this issue but let me know if something is missing. The "Lianne-WorldModifierCrystalOrangePrefix Nobleworth-2806503675.txt" file should demonstrate the quest overload rather well.

Steps to reproduce:
- Load the "Amber Nobleworth" map using the character "Lianne".
- Teleport to "Citrine Wild Observatory Level 1"
- Go upstairs to "Splintertooth Grove of Death" (You should be right next to the stairs after teleport)
- In this specific walk into the nearest large group and start spamming EarthQuake repeatedly. Mana and Health shouldn't be a problem until a couple minutes in.

Result: A massive amount of creatures and quests will spawn.

10-02-2018, 01:36 PM
I believe this will be better in version 0.805. Thanks for the save game.

10-02-2018, 01:45 PM
I had something similar happen to me. This world i was in had fast pace but there were hundreds of quests! Most quests were "kill 1 super weak elite mob" so it was surprisingly managable and got great loot out of it. Just seems not intended