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03-04-2019, 11:56 PM
So this is an idea for a system that's probably best suited for Drox Operative 2, but can also fit Zombasite and can possibly be developed in this game to start with.

I was thinking about the best parts of Drox, and I feel that those are when you feel like you're manipulating the relations between the races -- when you have the power to make a decision, like causing a race to split into a subrace and start a revolution or to put the revolution down. These elements really make you feel like you're a manipulative badass.

In the spirit of these things, I think it'd be really great if more actions were carried out in the game and could be prevented. For example, to create an alliance, 2 races/factions would have to meet somewhere first, and you could 'take these meetings out'. Planets would need constant supplies the higher their populations, and those supply ships could be intercepted. In Zombasite, the factions would need to collect potions, food and people, just like you, and denying them of these things would cause them to run low and starve. Colony ships are already sent in Drox, but you'd be notified of their destination ahead of time and therefore be able to stop them.

And how would this happen? Via spying. Rather than just having abstract spying etc, you could plant a spy on a planet. How much money you invest in the spy would determine how much of this critical information you'd have access to. In the Zombasite world, spying would mean converting a particular member of a faction into a spy, and that would mean that if that person dies, you'd lose your spy. Maintaining the spy would also require a constant investment of money.

Additionally, your improving relations with a faction/race (pact, alliance etc) would require meeting with their representative, who would come to your camp. Other factions/races could try to intervene and stop it just as you can, so long as they have a spy either in your camp or in the other party's.

Also, sometimes races/factions can solve their own quests. Currently this is done with timers and randomness, but it'd be even better if they'd send out someone/some ship to do it -- at least for some quests. For example, a quest requiring medicine delivery could, after a timer expires, spawn a ship delivering that medicine, which would be visible via spying. You can race against the ship and try solve the quest yourself, or you could destroy that ship, making sure the quest fails so that you get the bad result. This system therefore empowers you to either use quests for good or for ill.

Of course, stopping any of these things can also be done without spying: monsters may destroy the ships/kill the parties, or you'll stumble upon them. But the key thing is that you can also plan to stop things from happening through information you get from spying.

03-05-2019, 12:27 PM
This is definitely a cool idea. Right now, like you, I think this would be best suited for something like Drox 2.

It wouldn't be that hard at all to give the player a heads up on things like colony ship plans based on their relationships and their spy network.