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03-30-2019, 04:04 AM
My recent forays with Din's Legacy got me back into playing many other Soldak games, which led inevitably to messing around with some files for my own personal enjoyment. Anywhosal, long story short I've been working on a mod project for Drox IOTA with the intentions of changing some things up.
Things like:
-converting racial component slots to crew slots

-enabling the power load reduction from racial slots to all slots for racial components (IE reduced power load for all socketed mines as a human)

-tying the number of available cargo bay slots into the hull progression (start with 1 slot and unlock an extra cargo bay slot at every frigate level)

-adding a heat system to energy weapons and shields (gain heat from firing or shield collapsing, maybe setting it up so more heat = slower shield and energy regen, ship fires... have not put as much thought into this one yet)

-adding a sort of raw material spender bar for repairing armor and firing balistic or physical projecting weapons (was really wanting to take a whack at the whole weapons and armor system to see about adding more meat to how different play styles work)

-adding some sort of power distribution slider menu (don't know why, but i honestly remembered that being a stock feature but I must be remembering something else. to be fair i can live without this one, but think it would be cool)

So far I have done a fair bit of legwork on my own and feel pretty comfortable with the menu file edits I need to do, but I have hit a brick wall trying to figure out how to get racial components to cost less power load in normal component slots as they do in the racial slots... I found the multiplier in the systems.gdb file and figured some form of that was the key to setting it up through classes, otherwise i figured i could... individually do it in each item file. anywho. at best my tweaks do nothing and at worst they make the menu edits i made to racial slots (i added an extra 1 as crew and moved the spacing so they line up with the other slots) just stop working. so... help would be apreciated xD

Oh and I guess while I'm asking for help, I am actually super curious how many equipment slots this game can handle, like am I opening pandoras box of horrors by adding one more component slot and if i wanted to add an extra cargo bay slot as well, would that be me breaking the internet?

08-12-2019, 05:50 PM
Many years ago I've asked Soldak to un-hardcode slots, as I have managed to start (never got to finish tho) converting Din's games interface to blue Lineage 2 version, which made it much more readable and allowed for creation of extra slots for inventory.

Answer was rather negative, as "troubles with mod compatibility" was the major issue.

I seriously doubt you can make a lot of changes to slots (I've tried to mod them for Drox) but the number of slots available seems to be hardcoded as well.

So what you got is all you will ever have, I'm afraid.