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04-10-2019, 12:05 PM
Even though we got some controller support for Drox, it seems that in DL, the controller code isn't operational. I tried binding some buttons and nothing was detected.

Additionally, I think there is relatively low-hanging fruit in terms of making DL the first Soldak game with 'proper' controller support, including a default X-box controller profile. What does this entail?

* Left stick for movement
* Right trigger for main attack
* Left trigger for secondary skill
* A good targeting scheme for skills that can take targets:
* A default targeting outline around the next target of a target-based skill
* The option to move the right stick to have a fast-moving cursor that can snap to possible targets.
* Turn all menus into being large, modal menus with hotspots, where A is select and B is cancel.
* In menu mode, right trigger and left trigger would switch between the menus: Relations, Skills, Character, Map(?)
* Right and left bumper buttons would switch between races in the Relations screen.
* Showing Inventory should probably pause the game. It's already optimal to pause when watching inventory, so might as well do it automatically.
* When inventory is displayed, a cursor would jump from one block to the next, with left bumper moving to the equipment area.
* Identifying can unpause the game just for the duration of the identification, and then automatically pause again.
* Viewing status effects while playing the game is tricky, but it's also tricky in realtime with the mouse:
* One option is to pause the game and allow the cursor to navigate to the effects while paused, hopping from one to the next.
* Another option is to have a button that switches to navigating modally between the status effects, and showing their description, in real time. Pressing the button again will get you back to movement.

I think this should be pretty easy given the headway Drox has made. A secondary goal (maybe for an expansion) would be to add split-screen local coop, which I think would open this game up to a new and growing audience. In general, this requires

* Creating a narrower version of the UI
* Making UI for player selection for each character, while world selection/creation is only done by the first character.
* Adding the ability to render on 2 view ports.
* Making all UIs be local to a view port.
* In general, you can still make use of the server code that's used for remote co-op.

It would be really crazy to add 4-player local co-op. Only a few games bother doing this, but again, it would elevate DL to higher-level status and competition in a circle of games with far fewer entries.

05-02-2019, 10:49 AM
+1 for controller support being native.

edit: i wouldnt use it, but it would sell more copies which benefits all of us.