View Full Version : NPC's all Wear the Same Helm and Look Alike

07-03-2019, 01:09 AM
Do all NPC's in town now look alike? I am loading the game up for the first time in a few weeks. All wear the same odd looking orange helm. Would it be possible to randomize NPC appearances in town? Maybe this has something to do with the skins that were added in recent patches?

07-03-2019, 01:52 PM
That pretty much just means they have the same kind of helmet equipped in their inventory.

07-03-2019, 04:52 PM
Ok. These were all vendors, so they were in the town when I created it (I didn't equip them all with the same helm). But I see A LOT of this helm on NPC's for some reason. Would it be possible to get an option to disable helms on NPC's like you can on the player? I know this is probably an annoying request that might not even be worth implementing.