View Full Version : Upcoming changes in version 1.001

08-30-2019, 07:07 PM
fixed lag on character, bestiary, and mutate from specialty screens when shadow mapping is on (Darkness/Invader Xom)
no longer try to safeguard use slot 1 to be some kind of attack (That Pro Logic)
can now drop a potion on a party member when party member dialog not allowed
made lighting bolt sound quieter (Dreamcatcher)
fixed passive effect on skills like Multishot not working correctly (Twogs)

09-03-2019, 07:47 PM
fixed door and relic vendors not spawning (chesse20)
fixed a way that a breaking torch could keep adding breaking object (and eventually run out of entity slots)
bow is now a required skill for archers and hunters (so always get it on new character) (AuraForLaura)
removed some old stuff and added some new stuff to quick tips on full help topics screen (idontwannaknow0)
decreased monster spawn rate for battles (so didn't complete shadow all other quests)
now quests bump base spawn rate of monsters if too low so more likely to find some quest monsters (idontwannaknow0/Espr)
fixed fake dark orc berserker (Changeling) being able to have uprising and other quests (Espr)
fixed towers/caves sometimes using the wrong entrance model

09-04-2019, 07:33 PM
now uprisings occassionally spawn an extra monster of the appropriate type - makes sense, makes that particular monster a little more common, and fixes some weird scenarios like not having any spawn points in a level (kon345/Logorouge)
now if kill a monster within a block of correct level still counts
added sonic blast, mind blast, steady shot, and hunting shot to projectile mastery & chaotic shots
now Possessed quest has a minimum level of 15 (davidb11)
now make sure to give Extraction, Prison Hunt, and Prisoner Chase quests to player, could result in failed quest if another clan was destroyed
fixed a & vs && issue in quests (don't think impacting anything though)
fixed losing diplomacy scenario if kill a non-involved clan sometimes (chesse20)
fixed 1 level scenarios sometimes getting a shared level that messes things up (Reifam)
fixed drink/food pickup sounds (Reginald_CZ)
fixed not winning diplomacy scenario correctly sometimes (won't fix current broken scenarios though) (Espr)
fixed doors getting destroyed if you went into a scenario that had no door locations (Dragonface)