View Full Version : Upcoming changes in version 1.002

09-11-2019, 07:02 PM
removed task stuff - not being used, could possible be a cpu hit if not working correctly
added area name to uprising quest title (Roswitha)
removed minimap key (it has been an option instead of a key for a while now) (DinoMC)
now when holding down stay skill key and use left click to shoot a magic arrow skill it uses the skill correctly instead of the basic bow attack (Dr. Freeman)
now non-quest dimensional gates are limited to having 5 monsters out at a time - should fix some slow down issues (won't fix anything currently broken worlds though)
monsters now only constantly wander around town if a clan is there
now monsters don't wander around just because they are in a war
now a monster that can't move towards its destination will sleep for a while if nothing really pressing
increased health of NPCs that need to be rescued
removed XP debt from abandoning a scenario with a hardcore character
removed scenarios/worlds abandon stat - not really relevant since you can easily leave and come back to a scenario/world
added 0.2% spell damage per intelligence (starting low to see how it goes)
added 0.1% healing per spirit (starting low to see how it goes)

09-11-2019, 09:37 PM
Woah, that intelligence change is extremely interesting and potentially HUGE!

And also, "removed XP debt from abandoning a scenario with a hardcore character", wow!

I'm actually really excited for 1.002 now. The Holy Fire build that I started over the weekend and bailed out on is definitely getting tried again this weekend

09-12-2019, 02:57 PM
Hm, i always wanted to do a heal character, but with potions heals don't really mean much unless you're healing your minion hoard.

I wonder if some mechanic can be made, like overheal turning into a shield to make healing yourself more useful? Or maybe even heals refreshing your current shields hp too. (not sure if this is ingame currently)

09-12-2019, 07:24 PM
changed mutate from specialty/character chances to 30 (keep) / 65 (from other specialty/character)/ 5% (completely random) (was 45/45/10)
you can now leave a scenario early that you have lost (MikeLemmer)
fixed some brazier collision issues in dungeonDeathMaskDL.ara & dungeonPitsofDispairDL.ara (Nirimetus)
ice will no longer be created when ice or water is hit with an ice spell (Bender the DevoMiezer)
added some more controls to things spreading (like water and ice)
fixed stealth kill stat (Major Twitch)
defensive skills no longer help you get your combo multiplier up
now when 2 clans based in same level even though they will not buy the other contact, they will gladly sell it to you (DestroTheGod)
now make sure items don't get distributed to bulletin board (Notorious)
added Only Hope character mode - if you die, you lose that scenario/world (Calubob)
no longer get warnings from killing a friend of a clan when that clan is raiding you (*Yuki*)
can now tell if a thread is main thread - just a dev things at the moment
fixed a crash in cacheResource & getCachedResource (thread safe issue)
now objects (like evil pool) and their status effects level scale correctly (chesse20)

09-12-2019, 07:38 PM
Wooo. No more easy combo is going to be a very interesting change. That's huge. Same with the mutate chance ratios changing... 45 to 65 is a 31% increased chance of getting something from the specialty you pick. Absolutely massive.