View Full Version : World map bug

09-15-2019, 11:47 AM
I've run into a problem with the overland map. I know these names are randomized, but I'll include to keep the story straight.

I activated a gate that was flush against a impassible barrier in a land called "Rotting Chapada Wilds," according the message in the upper corner of the main play window, but when the gate was activated, it stated "Herder Fort of Smugglers gate activated," but the label on the gate said "Anti-magic South Highland," which is the land according to the overland map. (The discrepancy between the main play window label for the area and the overland map might have been because I was on the edge between these territories).

A gate "Herder Fort of Smugglers" appeared in the neighboring land, on the other side of the barrier. I then traveled back to the home city gate and accessed the "Herder Fort of Smugglers" gate and appeared back at the gate called "Anti-magic South Highland" gate I had just activated. The Anti-magic South Highland area now appeared to have two gates, one mis-labeled in the main list as "Herder Fort of Smugglers" and another one properly named (which led to a completely different gate, properly labeled in play area map).

So, now it appears there is a rather large area labeled "Herder Fort of Smugglers" and "Rotting Chopata Wilds" that I cannot access. Borders appear on all sides. I would think that it was only accessible through a tunnel, but the obvious bug with the gates makes be believe that this inaccessible area of the map is also a bug.

I know this is confusing and it's very difficult to clearly explain.