View Full Version : Upcoming changes in version 1.004

09-25-2019, 07:04 PM
now max of 5 wisp buff on wisps (DestroTheGod)
fixed command mastery description skill list (Penguin Blender)
fixed player town not being able to be raided by clans
bonus for Freeze set is now cold damage instead of poison (cheese20)
fixed a problem where attacks from keys could ignore a valid target like a chest and attack something else nearby (JackintheBox)
fixed don't die typo
dying in the Last Man Standing scenario is now a lose condition (Brysos)
sped up summoned skeletons
now summoned monsters will use their parents sight position as well as their own for finding enemies (in general will make them more aggressive)
fixed armor value on character screen not fitting very well when number is pretty large (Zombasite & DL) (Soldad)
rearranged stuff so damage numbers fit better on character screen (Soldad)
fixed skills triggering off of a status effect (like Energizing Block) not leveling up correctly (Logorouge)
no longer get welcome message from newly discovered clan if they are based in the same level as you