View Full Version : [MOD] Unlock All Classes

01-25-2020, 08:36 AM
So after spending dozens of hours on this amazing game, I still hadn't unlocked a dozen or so classes.

So I blundered around a bit in the game-files and managed to make all classes available from the start!

This mods enables the option to start with any class in Din's Legacy with a hacky method.

Please do inform if there are some bugs (as I had quite a few classes unlocked when I made this mod)

If someone knows a more elegant way of changing the UI without the whole overwrite assets004.zip thing, please do share!

To Install:

1) Navigate to \\Dins Legacy\Expansions\Hardcore\Assets
where \\Dins Legacy is your installation directory

2) Extract the contents of this archive and accept the overwrite prompt.
MAKE SURE TO MAKE A BACKUP OF "assets004.zip" Before Overwriting!!

http://www.mediafire.com/file/94qw6mwc674mo4s/UnlockAllClasses.zip/file (Mediafire Link Here)