View Full Version : Fleets, Possibility to affect other players/ offline type deal.

06-06-2020, 01:15 AM
I think that the ability to control/manage/create/recruit other ships to form your own fleet would be awesome. While I'm not entirely sure how all of that would work, but let's say

You find a derelict ship
You can: Recruit, they work for you and are tied to you, but you also have to pay them or they might turn on you, just an idea.
Scavenge :
The Ship OR
The Crew OR
Completely Destroy and just loot (might have ill rep from killing a certain race crew member)

If you are able to scavenge a ship, perhaps it should be a chance type roll where you have a % chance to get the whole ship depending on your commanding experience, level, skills and levels and levels of your crew ( also might need to be added, after so many payments, time in battle, time in game, etc.)

I really liked an idea that Reassembly brought in which was that you had the opportunity to upload your fleet for other players to fight and get a reward, they could respawn if you didn't completely kill them. Once again, I am not sure how that would all work, but I really liked it because it gave a unique challenge to the game.

I also think it would be cool if you could actually have an assortment of ships to buy and you needed to have a skill level per faction type of ship (similar to EVE, but not as strict, obviously).

It would also bee cool if there was a way to craft items, and this might be way to complicated because you would also have to include components breaking down and scrapping and then time for crafting different levels and ok, maybe that is just too much. BUT if that idea sounds like it could work or be a good one, then have at it.


These are ideas/suggestions that I have and they may not be yours, but I would welcome comments on this in regards to these ideas and it might also help the dev out.

CHEERS! I enjoy the game so far.

This is also posted on the steam community.