View Full Version : Memory funk/leaks?

06-10-2020, 02:51 PM
I have noticed that some effects in game do not seem to properly reset or take affect until the game has been reloaded or your computer has been restarted.
Example: unlucky and poverty ship modifiers, these effects did not work at all until I actually saved and exited the game, went to work, came home and reloaded my save, then poof.. my rare drops are now lower and I find way less items and money.

Same can be said of the games save files, I noticed after I wiped my save files and config files from Appdata\Local with the game closed out (not minimized) that when I rebooted the game my config settings would be reset to default but I'd still have the option to continue my last save even though I could not start a new game with my ship as it was deleted. So I'd seen in another post that there have been issues on the past regarding the game keeping files in temp and not always saving them to you root save folder, and I am guessing what I am experiencing with this issue is the same problem as I tested and rebooting my computer seemed to wipe out my previous ship and world info that was ghosting in the games memory. So my assumption, is that there are effects that get tied up in temp files that do not properly clear or refresh unless you manually load a save game and or reboot your computer.

Honestly I would have likely never noticed this if not for the fact that I've been rolling out a lot of new ships to test all sorts of stuff out and had decided to nuke my appdata\local files to start fresh so to speak. Also talking to other comunity members had made me aware of certain quest types that were tied to ship level that I've at this point surpassed but not experienced in a sector that's taken 5+ hours and counting to complete.