View Full Version : Bugs with ambush and unbound left click

06-13-2020, 01:37 AM
A couple issues I ran into pretty much back to back in my play session this evening.

I went to rescue a helpless ship, and it wound up being an ambush. The problem is that all of the ships spawned immediately on top of me triggering ramming damage, triggering about 1400 damage. I survived, but barely.

When there is no weapon bound to left click and you click on an enemy ship, your ship will attempt to follow that ship until one of you is destroyed. I can't find a way to disengage this once it starts short of blowing up the enemy ship. I wasn't trying to play without something bound in the left click (although I do like playing that way in most ARPGS), but ran into this by accident after equipping 2 weapons to compare, and then removing the one which I had equipped first.