View Full Version : Fighters base is OP?

06-13-2020, 03:01 AM
Log time fan etc. :)
I just started a new campaign and the Dryads built a fighters base somewhere. I had to side with Nexus (or whatever) cause they were far too powerful even at the beginning, and we easily reduced Dryads' empire to one measly planet with said base... and then stuck. Base is a constant source of fighters so I cant stay too long to do some meaningful damage, and the base itself seems to shrug off all of my mines/laser damage, and if I take some break to repair the damn base returns to its former glory as if I never tried to destroy it.
I know I'm not in the perfect shape atm since it's a new ship with crappy components, but while I can understand the base being beefy, the rate of respawning a new fighters is depressing, and the self-repair is kinda broken. I mean, it's a BASE, not a FACTORY, there has to be some limits for fighter-per-second production AND some pristine - not outrageous - self-repairs ability (again, base, not factory).
Btw, does the racial regen of Dryads applies to structure as well?