View Full Version : Upcoming changes in version 0.803

06-17-2020, 07:54 PM
fixed players getting moved when another player leaves the game
fixed port in getAddressString (just a developer thing)
server now tries port guessing so NAT punchthrough is a bit more robust
changed server registration time from 120.0 to 20.0 seconds so NAT routes don't time out
now take into account NATs that decrement port numbers by 1 or another small number
now always send local address for assisted join
fixed high frame rate + trying to use component every frame overflowing the networking
now send less player data across the network
changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 88

06-18-2020, 11:44 PM
optimized Entity network traffic some
optimized Actor network traffic some
optimized Projectile network traffic some
optimized ItemGround network traffic some
now send a lot less player info on connect message
fixed LastKnownLocation & UnknownLocation missing translations (Sharp)
fixed high rarity component dropped sound not playing (They Live)
now subject empires are ignored when checking military and diplomatic wins (Eris Shrugged)
can no longer custom order Doomsday weapons from scavengers
fixed Mutant subrace not being set to pacifist correctly
now young races have a random service they can provide (gambling, retraining, scavenging, etc)
changed saveVersion to 233
young races can now emerge on military and diplomatic wins (can spawn in further worlds with same, name, icons, and traits)