View Full Version : Upcoming changes in version 0.805

06-30-2020, 10:48 PM
fixed 2 problems using multiple components in same frame (bugs introduced in recent patch) (Sharp/Redsovietz)
can now add another 3 skills/components to each use slot, so for example can now fire 4 different weapons from a left mouse click
removed ancient info from lose progress screen (Bluddy)
removed bounty hunter info from lose progress screen
removed Drox quests from win/lose progress screens
moved fear/legend info on win progress screen down a little to fit stuff better

07-01-2020, 07:05 PM
added Mollusk race music
fixed swapping 2 same type items numbers increasing each time (Alstein/floofyfunster)
fixed missing PointsFromNextLevelUp translation
fixed energy per engineering point on some classes being less than normal rather than more (BuildTheWall)
fixed system ensuring unique system names not working correctly (Annex/kerzain)
increased NextToDistanceForItems from 150.0 to 300.0
increased size of reset fog of war button to fit text better (Sharp)
can now put non-weapons into the first use slot (Eris Shrugged)
added treaty to planet menu
added race icon/portrait to planet menu so a little easier to remember who is who
added quest icon support
now subrace rebel quests have their portrait in the background

07-02-2020, 07:27 PM
changed "Use skills to attack" to "Use weapons to attack" (Eris Shrugged)
now speed with current/next hull stuff takes into account gravity reductions (Eris Shrugged)
added system name to guard, destroy, and help our planet messages (Eris Shrugged)
now health bars of planets/ships from races you have a mutual protection pact or alliance with are dark green
fixed planet health bars not matching population range correctly when race has a max health bonus
now normal rebel quests (rebellion and civil war) have their portrait in the background
fixed consumables in left or right click slots playing sound when used but reuse timer not up yet (ScrObot)
cargo bays can now have modifiers (Eris Shrugged)
no longer show technology price on component (not really meant to sell component)
can no longer sell technology component itself (Eris Shrugged)
now mention Tweaked Find Chance bonus on each achievement achieved
fixed left clicking to use a component that you don't have enough energy for repeatly giving out of energy warning/sound (Excellion)
now won't use any energy if use marines on a ship with shields or a non-ship target (Excellion)
no longer get multiple buzzes for a warning that is already displaying on the screen
fixed ancient marines not working (Jean)
fixed planet status menu layout to fit everything (ScrObot)
fixed marine text indentation
fixed an indentation problem on missiles
now add icon to highlight text for race icon, race portrait, and race traits