View Full Version : Limit disaster per planet please

07-11-2020, 08:25 AM
I am not entirely sure how it works now in drox 2, but its still drox, so i suspect its the same as it was. I like to play this game moddesd and i am realy only intersted in level 100 gameplay. Earlier its just leveling. So when you are leveled have evrything you want , you can start to play drox quest and toy with galaxy politics, but.... It doasnt matter if u play it on level 1 30 70 or 100 if u just i.e fly out of system map and leave computer playing itself for few hours, then probably there wouldnt be even 1 planet alive, because disasters on planets escalates and if player do not bring items sto solve them planet autodestroy. This is not cool. So you should probably simply limit disater per planet to 3 or 5 or whatever number that is unlikely to cause that planet to "autodestroy"if not attended.

Also idea to let those races develop themselves is simply briliant and fresh and its only intersing space game made in last 20 years except rebel galaxy. So thank you very much for effort. Well implementation is less awesome , and i realy hate things like random crafting and realy dont like to play single player game with other guys, so efforts in that direction is just waste of time and also usualy makes games worse, because they make some effort into balancing multiplier option and single player suffers on that.