View Full Version : Upcoming changes in version 0.808

07-14-2020, 07:08 PM
fixed QuestFailCovenantDestroyed missing translation (Bluddy)
fixed QuestCovRepelledAttack missing translation (Annex)
planets should no longer get more than 1 starving status effect at a time
fixed many Drox Guild quests not solving or failing correctly (Bluddy/Verdusk/Eris Shrugged/Agnosticjihad)
fixed max relation displayed when highlighting a race icon
cleaned up Drox screen some (Bluddy)
fixed race icons on planet not matching the last race you talked to instead of the planet (phoagne)
now it is harder to get a race to declare war on someone they have a treaty with
fixed being able to sometimes click on race technology items (Eris Shrugged)

07-15-2020, 07:01 PM
turned AttackHeightDiffMult off (shouldn't have changed anything but no reason to do extra calculations)
fixed defense not working when hit from the side or behind (KevinC)
fixed overlapping buttons on race get quests screen (Sharp)
fixed exit all button on race solve quests screen not positioned well
now when highlight component/object text, it also highlights the entity and shows the highlight text for that component/object
left clicking on an enemy when nothing is in the left click slot no longer makes you follow the enemy (Confusedus)
now race icon on character screens shows when highlighting it
fixed first bonus skill looking like you always had it and skill level matching ship level
fixed missing translation BonusSkillXAvailable
fixed race ship components being classified when they shouldn't be
fixed a problem with some NPC ships leveling up when the player leveled up and causing weird issues like being really slow (stretch)
now highlighting delivery package button tells you quest title so you know what you are delivering
can now deliver rebel goods directly to the rebel ship that gave you the quest - this makes it so you can deliver even if at war with race (Dragonface/Excellion)
fixed a problem with marine damage not scaling correctly when they level up (Lichice/Jean)
fixed weapon heat sinks (and other similar components) (Jean/Darkness/uhamster9)
races no longer target primitives with rumors, espionage, propoganda, and sabotage (Kurama Kitsune)
primitive races no longer target anyone with rumors, espionage, propoganda, and sabotage (Kurama Kitsune)
marines no longer cause knockback

07-16-2020, 07:00 PM
now on resurrect, engines and thrusters are repaired so you at least can escape if resurrect in a dangerous place (Darke/Darkness/Bluddy)
now on resurrect, you get 10 seconds of immunity from damage (using any component ends the immunity)
no one takes damage on collision when the player has resurrection damage immunity
changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 91
fixed sometimes when you get a new race and the race icon is incorrect until you restart the save game (trhoffend)
set up icons for the lifeform types (decided just to use race icons we already have)