View Full Version : Bug Report [v0.808]

07-22-2020, 05:27 AM
Hi, everyone,

First of all, I wanted to say that I'm having a blast playing this game so far, definitely looking for next updates and final release. :)

I noticed 3 bugs as of right now :

- If you want to deliver goods to a planet needed to resolve a quest (e.g. a Crate of Mild Non-Lethal Weapons for an Unrest type quest) via the new "Deliver package" mechanic, and you happen to have multiples copies of this good, all of them are delivered instead of only one.

- If you're in a Ceasefire state with a race, the "Deliver package" doesn't appear, even if you have the necessary good in your inventory.
(Maybe is it intended ?)

- Last one is a bit tricky :
Currently in a Ceasefire state with Scavenger race.
Accepted a Rebel quest for one of their planets.
This quest wants me to sell/donate a good for this planet.
I have what is needed to resolve the quest. (double checked type of good AND level.)
If you deliver the good, nothing happens.
Quest tells me it's failed because the planet has been destroyed even though it's not. (The planet isn't even attacked.)
Checked if another system had the same name, or if another planet in this system had the same name, but no.

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day, everyone.

07-23-2020, 05:10 PM
Found another bug, during a "Resurrect a Race" questline :

Currently allied to Rizak and Utopian.
Utopian and Rizak are in war.
Utopian asks to resurrect a race.
Last part of the quest, going to colonize a planet in a unhabited system.
As soon as I push the "Colonize Planet" button, the new race emerges... and is immediately destroyed.

This is what ingame chat looks like, from bottom to top :
- NewCovenantX
- Zarlok : Good to see an Operative in this sector !
- Discovered the Strion Race.
- Strion and Utopian forged an alliance.
- Strion declares war on Rizak.
- My ship honors alliance with Rizak, declares war with Strion.
- Strion have been destroyed.

It all happened instantly.
As far as the alliance game goes, it's normal for Strion to go to war with Rizak, and with me at the same time. Fine.
But I currently have no weapon that could attack a planet, and there was no mine, no other ship, nothing. Everything happened all at once.
(And what about the random Zarlok message, too ?)

Hope it'll help solving this bug. :)