View Full Version : Upcoming changes in version 0.811

08-06-2020, 07:12 PM
added 6 anomaly icons
increased chance of getting more Drox Guild quest options
key names can now be translated
mouse button 3-5 are now MB3, MB4, MB5 (so they fit better)
added translations for leftcontrol, rightcontrol, leftalt, rightalt, pagedown, and pageup
added tactics/skills screen, button, and hot key stuff (screen just says Coming Soon for now)
added new achievement to Steam
added cheat_noLose so I could test some things for longer periods of time with cheats
improved cheat_playTestTeleport to vary teleport position better
made it so static models with alpha model data gets cached correctly (will speed somethings up some)
turned off player ran from monster upgrade chance (Eris Shrugged)
changed it so things like TemporalFlux don't constantly spawn right on top of a non-moving player (Mortac)
can no longer remove original text from a quest generated waypoint (Tnega)
fixed some key names being wrong when you clicked to change them in keyboard options
added a small effect to instant pickups to be a little more noticable
now will only play 1 high rarity component dropped sound at once (Darkness)
now most loop sounds fade out instead of abruptly ending (this is mostly engines and projectiles)
decreased war declared sound volume (Bluddy)
destroyed race will no longer drop duplicate techs (Darkness)