View Full Version : Upcoming changes in version 0.815

09-02-2020, 07:01 PM
fixed World::getRoomName returning bad value if level index out of range
center print now uses value from database correctly instead of old hardcoded value
changed light race specific slot to medium
now race specific components are specified by skill tree instead of race
changed Human race specific components from Mine/ComputerBoost to Mine/Thruster
added an extra crew slot to all ships
changed Dryad race specific components from DamageControl/ShieldRegenBoost to MissileDefense/DamageControl
changed Utopian race specific components from Computer/ComputerActiveBoost to Computer/WeaponVirus
changed Fringe race specific components from PowerPlant to WeaponPassive/PowerCollector
fixed Mine Tracking effecting missiles instead of mines
fixed bomber damage being much less than it should be
changed Hive race specific components from MissileDefense/ThrusterBoost to Ballistics/LightFighter
changed Drakk race specific components from Fighter to WeaponPassive/LightFighter
changed Lithosoid race specific components from Armor to Thruster/ArmorPlating
changed Cortex race specific components from Battery/ShieldActiveBoost to WeaponVirus/Shield
changed Shadow race specific components from Cloaking/ResistanceExplosion to Cloaking/Decoy
changed Brunt race specific components from Missile to WeaponPassive/LightMissile
subraces all changed to be consistent with traits
changed Scavenger components to medium component, start spawning normally earlier, and no longer restricted to Scavengers
changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 94
fixed 32 variables set but never used warnings from Linux compiler
fixed a potential clearing problem in StatusEffectBase::build
fixed a String/char* conversion warning from Linux compilter in PlayerClient::savePlayer
fixed GameShared::optimizeSkillDatabaseEntry removing statMults accidentally
fixed 2 places in geometry.cpp where //* was causing warnings in Linux compiler
fixed using add instead of push_backUnique in Level::getFullLevelsMakeUpLevel
fixed a planet anomaly typo (Eris Shrugged)
fixed a bunch of skills applying status effect to player also when not meant to (Eris Shrugged)
fixed a problem that could leave a settled, non-primitive planet with unresolved anomalies (Eris Shrugged)
now make sure new race that splits from old race know each other (Verdusk)
now weapons show projectile speed in highlight text (DysDaemoN)
should no longer get race paying a primitive race to go to war with someone (Eris Shrugged)
can no longer click on other stuff when confirm trade menu is up (Eris Shrugged)
fixed another way you could get unscannable planet anomalies on primitive planets
up/down arrow keys now work on race get quests, race solve quests, quests, get quests, and solve quests screens (Monkeyhuouse)
added Only known locations/Only local quests options on race get quests screen (Darke)
added race portrait and logo to propoganda, espionage, sabotage, rumor, planet status screens (Bluddy)
fixed player not being able to declare when you have a protectorate (Guardfather)

09-03-2020, 06:34 PM
now miniMapZoom value saves (Mythos)
fixed a bunch of dynamic stats mentioning they are passive when the entire skill is passive (Eris Shrugged)
changed galaxy to sector in Locate any race quest (Eris Shrugged)
changed a place where Expert difficulty was Champion instead (Monkeyhuouse)
changed a place where Veteran difficulty was Elite instead (Monkeyhuouse)
added 7 new planet bonus icons
added federationFormed sound