View Full Version : [0.817] [Bugreport] - Two issues with federations.

09-19-2020, 01:46 PM
During my last game it seems i ran into two separate issues with federations. Below are excerpts from the game logs:

Issue 1: Race joins and then immediately leaves a federation.

In two separate occasions the Dryad race joined a federation with the Brunt and Utopian race. They had high (~90) relation with Brunt, but low (~50 - 60 i think) relations with Utopian. This led to them joining the federation, only to cancel it seconds later:

00:48:33 - Dryad joined Brunt's Federation
00:48:33 - Dryad joined Utopian's Federation
00:48:35 - Dryad has cancelled their Federation with Utopian

They did so again 20 minutes or so later, but this time they inherited a war from the federation as well. (Which ended rather quickly when i offered a peace treaty)

01:04:37 - Dryad joined Brunt's Federation
01:04:37 - Dryad joined Utopian's Federation
01:04:37 - Dryad declares War on Nimitz
01:04:45 - The most powerful race is now Lithosoid
01:04:46 - Lithosoid and Dryad have forged an Alliance
01:04:46 - Dryad has cancelled their Federation with Utopian
01:04:50 - Dryad and Nimitz declare peace

Issue 2: Incorrect war declaration messages when a race with an existing war joins a federation.

Below is an excerpt from the logs again:

01:15:06 - Dryad joined Lithosoid's Federation
01:15:06 - Dryad joined Okul's Federation
01:15:06 - Okul declares War on Nimitz
01:15:06 - Lithosoid honors Federation with Okul, declares War on Nimitz

Before joining the federation, the Dryads and myself were at war. The logs suggest that Dryad joined a federation with the Okul and the Lithosoid, which led to them both declaring war on myself.

However, this is not the case on the relations screen. On the relations screen both Okul and Lithosoid are not at war with me. An somehow the pre-existing war with the Dryads is gone as well (All three races are now at peace with me, and in a federation with each other).

Savegame, Character files and logs:
WeTransfer Download Link (https://we.tl/t-pFYXuyDVZb)