View Full Version : Difficulty Levels

05-16-2011, 03:12 PM
Working again off of the assumption that many systems will probably be lifted from the previous games, I'd like to suggest that the way difficulty levels were handled in DoP and DC should be changed. Actually, I don't remember enough of how DoP was, but in DC, advancing to Elite, Legendary etc was something you HAD to do. It was essentially your only choice if you wanted to keep playing. I think this was not a good mechanic. Most games approach the issue of difficulty levels by giving you a choice of 1-3 levels, and then unlocking the final level or two when you finish the game. I think this is a much better approach going into the next game.

01-13-2012, 09:04 PM
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But seriously, bluddy your onto something. There shouldn't be a set way that you have to play to advance such as elite. The reason being is that elite and normal most people should get past. Champion and legendary however, are no laughing matter. Not many people make it to 100. Nobear is still the only person that got all chars to 100, especially the infamously hard mage class at high levels. I think that there has to be a perk to me wanting to take it to another difficulty. Or if that doesn't work, just like you say make the difficulties obsolete.

One thing that you could do would be like dungeon siege 2 did. Make normal the main difficulty. Then have 1 and i am right 1 other difficulty that you can ATTEMPT when you are done. The reason being is that once you beat the game, the last thing most people want to do is go through 3 more difficulties. Instead, if they see- Heroic difficulty being the last and final challenge-there going to say well, its the final test, why not give it a shot. I hate to be blunt but 2-3 extra difficulties is a lot to lay on a gamer, especially on the people that would like to eventually try a different class of character. With the 1 extra difficulty in place, you don't need the other 2 and will allow you maybe make another character to try playing the game another way.