View Full Version : Quest for a boss that doesn't exist anymore [1.024]

05-20-2011, 09:26 AM

Playing Din's Curse + Demon Wars version 1.024: In a recent multiplayer game (2 players) we came across a boss called 'Pheros' on dungeon level 5 and killed him. We hadn't accepted any quest related to him by that time. I'm not 100% sure whether we still got a reward for him in town, we were returning a lot of quests at that time.

After going deeper into the dungeon we got some message related to Pheros activity on lvl 5 (don't remember which one). After that we visited town, where there was a new non-optional quest of killing Pheros on dungeon lvl 5. We searched this level for an hour and thoroughly but this Pheros guy was nowhere to be found anymore (and maybe he shouldn't because we already killed him?). We also checked carefully for any secret walls and doors.

It wasn't possible to clear the level either because new pixies, dogs and wicked thorvas just kept spawning. Had to quit the town, because it was impossible to rescue due to this supposedly bugged quest.

05-23-2011, 10:07 AM
Yeah, I think we still have a way for bosses to disappear. I haven't figured out how to reproduce it though (this specific bug). Usually saving and then resuming will force it to spawn correctly though.