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06-16-2011, 12:17 PM
Has anyone else had trouble fighting these? They almost always seem to appear in packs of 2-6 and they seem to have an insanely high innate stun chance. I often find myself having to try really hard to run to the nearest gate or exit/entrance and dot/run against on my Healer/Necromancer because once they start beating on me my survival can ride on whether or not they happen to get a lucky string of stuns.

In the town I'm playing right now I am level 13 and I am struggling heavily against level quite common champion/elite level 12-14 Rylor's and beating them isn't so much the problem as surviving against their headbutt stun attack. And threat seems to be really tedious. I raised an elite rylor to try to help me but the moment I toss out a single heal or my blight they all come running to me.

06-16-2011, 07:39 PM
As you are a necro, try casting despair as soon as you see a group of them. While that is going on, you should have at least 3 minions fighting to keep the agro off you. While that is happening, use either bone shatter or holy lightning to take them out.

06-17-2011, 04:19 AM
Thanks for the suggestions. I hadn't actually picked up despair as it didn't seem like it did enough at early levels. Also at the time of writing this post I didn't actually have enough points to invest into more than 2 skeletons and they seemed rather impractical.

My Healer/Necro is now nearly 17 and I have 3 skellies and a raise dead minion and it's actually working quite well now. The skeletons actually provide somewhat of a barrier between me and the enemy. Though sometimes when I cast blight I'll still end up with 3-4 mobs literally running right past my minions straight to me. But it does appear to be working better. Though I haven't gone up against Rylor Bull champion's again it'll be interesting to see how I fair now.

It does seem to make a pretty considerable difference once you get 2-3 levels of skeletons and raise dead is great when you are up against champion's and elites. Yes thank you I'll raise your Elite to fight for me. If only you could raise uniques/legends haha.