View Full Version : Sold for Geneforge Series

06-21-2011, 07:23 PM
Its kind of amazing the amount of games ive played over the past 2 years. Yet, i havent beaten 1 of them to the end as i lose interest. The last game i beat 'completely' was kivi's underworld, so that says something for soldak :D

However, the first time i played a spiderweb software game, i was turned away due to the retroness of the old school avernum. Then i tried geneforge, and i gotta say that i really am loving the entire jist of the whole series.

After just finishing geneforge 1, it was probably the toughest game i ever actually beat without going insane in the process. Listing my games that i would consider as roleplaying games-Geneforge 1 is so far the toughest, followed by soloing baldurs gate 1, then soloing arcanum, then soloing baldurs gate 2. The only game that came close was soloing baldurs gate 1. The physical creatures and opponents tore you up and without a party is freakishly hard. Still geneforge was probably the most fun and it was really cool as playing the game was more like reading a book.

Either way, i am looking forward to the avernum rewrites that are coming soon. Yet another reason why indie games rule.