View Full Version : Interesting renegade

08-06-2007, 12:23 PM
I ran into an interesting renegade Barbarian in my game yesterday. So some barbarian has gone renegade and the town wants me to hunt her down. So I'm out hunting for her in Deadfall Forest, when a rogue comes out of stealth and carves me into little pieces. As I'm staring at my freshly killed character, I notice that the rogue who has already stealthed back out is the rogue I'm supposed to be hunting down. Apparently she is better at this hunting thing then me :)

Just some notes. Unlike the potential thieves in town, renegades can be any class that the player can be. Also, all npcs in the game have 4 skills that are randomly selected from a subset of the skills available to the player. So it was luck that this particular renegade happened to be a rogue and had the stealth skill but the next renegade I hunt down will probably be completely different.