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01-06-2008, 06:31 AM
One of my characters is a L32 Rogue and a quest was given by the Weapon-master woman (can never remember NPC names) to go collect four "Fishs" down in some dungeon (Champion difficulty). I'm guessing that should read as four fish. I did not take the quest; and when I reloaded the game a minute ago, she wasn't offering it again so I could not verify the quest name.

Also, as a warrior, the armor focus skill can lead to some unnaturally high readings on the character screen. The misreading is fixed upon exiting the screen; thus gameplay is unaffected by it:
1) have armor focus and weapon focus on hotbar
2) activate weapon focus (you will see your damage increase as the skill dictates)
3) activate armor focus (the damage bonus goes away and armor value goes up)
4) keep switching between the two while the game is paused on the character screen; while the weapon focus will deactivate when switched off, the armor value will remain buffed and continue to rise by the skill-based % each time it is switched to - leading to some very high armor values.
As previously mentioned, this does not affect gameplay since the armor value returns to its appropriate rate when the game is unpaused. The only bug is in the reading while paused.

01-06-2008, 10:29 AM
heh that is a funny bug! You dont even have to switch off of the skill just keep hitting it over and over and watch your armor stack up!