View Full Version : [Mod] New spell: Pet Attack (v1.0)

08-01-2011, 03:12 PM
For fragile finger wagglers it can be rather inconvenient if the pets are lagging behind, chatting or playing cards... or do whatever pets do when they're generally chilling.

You want them to engage before the monsters all come charging at your very own fragile self.

Some classes have non-aggro debuffs for this purpose. Some do not...

This adds a new spell to necro, warlock, and fire mage.

Costs 1 skill point,
costs no mana,
0.5 sec casting time,

and does absolutely nothing... except that your pets get the hint and attack the evil thing that you just marked for minion-assisted annihilation.

If you invest more than 1 skill point, the spell does not get stronger.
It works differently.
Now it costs mana and adds increasing amounts of hate, making it useable as a fast-casting pulling spell.

Technical Stuffs:
I used the "Banish" icon for the spell. Therefore it is not going to work without the Demon War expansion.

To fix that:
In the mod file you will find the reference to a base game icon...
// commented out.
Switch both occurrences of the texture for base game compatibility.


Unpack Mod_PetAttack_Skill.zip into the Din's Curse folder.

08-01-2011, 03:35 PM
I would prefer if the pets were smarter but that's a completely new functionality and nothing I can fix in a mod.

What I would suggest for a better solution:

The (melee) pets do not lag behind but try to move to a position that is tied to the mouse pointer...
but from the pointer a fixed distance of 15 feet towards you.

So if the pointer is 3 feet in front of you, the pets would actually hover around a point that is 12 feet behind you - keeping them out of the way in "peacetimes".

That always keeps them away from the thing (chest) you want to click on but still lets you guide them towards the enemy like medieval homing missiles.

08-02-2011, 12:25 PM
Wow, great mod. Very creative.

Nice work.