View Full Version : DOP-Reworking

08-09-2011, 12:39 AM
Ive been away from soldak for quite a bit of time and I still look forward to coming back to one of my fav action/rpg due to its awesomeness.

I was thinking that due to the amount of posts about the imbalace of alot of the enemies and majorly the bosses, I think that if Shadow gets even a bit of time, he could maybe set some of the balances of this game right. I will name just a few of the majors.

-Boss Strength and unique strength-I think that the bosses in this game are pretty much unbeatable once you reach 20. The only way that i think you can win is if you are using some severe and brutal powergaming tactic that i could never use. The armor system is for one, a thing that would be great to rework.

-Another thing would just be the chance to be hit by monsters and for you to hit monsters. Ive noticed that a rogue at 15, has at max a 32% chance to be hit by a monster. Now im sorry but thats very high for a class that is supposed to be finesse oriented. The chance to get hit and hit is even worse for some other classes, largely the priest. The priest chance to be hit is at best, 40-45%. That is way too much for a class with a shield.

Overall, those are the real 2 things that i think will make a huge difference in this game's longevity. I could have mentioned a few others, but i think that they are not needed until dop2. I find that more players are going to turn away because they simply get way too frustrated towards the imbalance this has caused. I have not met many people that make it to level 100 and talk about it. I myself have not reached lvl 100 in either dins curse or dop. Now though dins curse Ive gotten higher than dop, that was due to it being properly balanced from everyone's help. Depths of Peril may have a rough road ahead, but its still going to be a 12 out of 10 in my book, no matter what. I think with the proper balancing, it will draw many new people before dop 2, or the strategy/scifi/rpg and thats always a good thing.