View Full Version : Trade routes and time

01-09-2008, 05:31 AM
I think it would be sensible and not an unwelcome change to create some sort of timer between upgrading trade routes with a friendly covenant. Something simple like five minutes between establishing a tiny trade route and then going for a small, for example.

The reason is, in my last game I was neck and neck with the only other covenant left in power. Rather than waste time and resources trying to slowly overcome them (and the fact that they had four Rogues and four high level elites inside), I decided to wrap up some quests and get a quick alliance when I got above them in power (relationship was already in the 70s). I could not get an alliance around 75 relationship, so I formed a tiny trade route and it went up a point, then I sequentially made trade routes from small to huge in immediate succession. This bumped my relationship up by quite a bit and let me ally with them while I was in the #1 spot.

Basically, I thought it was cheap to be able to do something like that. Some sort of trigger like 'let's stick with what we have' for a few minutes after establishing a route would prevent rapidly going up like this, but not making it burdensome if you decide that you would rather have made a different level route.

P.S. an always ignore option button would be great for each covenant on the relations screen so I'm not offered the same trade route or Overpriced Dented Plate Mail of Getting Ripped-Off three times in a row from some covenant I plan on destroying.

01-09-2008, 07:00 AM
The drawback of running up your trade routes like that (assuming it's not for the endgame condition) is that you face sequentially increasing startup costs.

Though I will agree that starting a treaty of any kind has a huge impact on diplomatic climate and that can be played succesfully against other aspects. I personally don't consider this a bad thing.