View Full Version : Questions about Mods (DOP) and in General

10-17-2011, 03:05 PM
cof125 Made this-

This mod changes a lot of the balancing of the game by increasing the attribute caps, giving more skill points per level, making the higher difficulty levels harder, increasing the size of your party outside of town, and a few other things. Download this mod here. Just drop this zip file directly into your Depths of Peril/Assets directory.

Ok so ive never actually used any mods for any of soldaks games. I always thought that depths of peril was fun but the problem i had with it was that the bosses are insanely friggin hard after level 20-25. Are there any mods that help with the insane bosses and will this mod hinder or help with enemies in general?

I read about this mod and even though it states that it makes the higher levels more challenging, its called balance mod so I dont know.

Any thoughts.