View Full Version : some ideas for modding/developing (DoP II.?)

10-27-2011, 09:40 PM
not much of a modder myself, but here are some random suggestions of what could be added to the game:

- unique, rare, artifact, etc. books and potions with nasty side effects
- special kinds of "magical" food and drink (not potion, but rare with special bonus attached)
- renegades form groups of monsters or other renegades
- various degrees of renegades (orange, red...)

- groups of non-special monsters, like a mini-horde or tribe (10-20?)
- turn "search dead priest" into: "bury dead priest" producing a new gravestone
- allow other classes to carry stuff in their off-hand aswell (other than shield...)
- new such item class: musical instruments (drum, trumpet, flute) or chrystals (with properties)

- be able to bring back chests to the house, buy more chests from vendors (real expensive)
- more diplomacy tools would be great
- player's gates might attract monsters or funnel monsters back into the house, "camping monsters"...
- recruit certain kinds of monsters like orks to a party instead of just humans

- manage book shelf like the relic-stand (make faster and easier)
- place house guardians outside the house, too
- establish an anti-jorvik somewhere beyond black forest, with nothing but skeletons and ghosts
- channel all foods into only one food slot, instead of different kinds of food blocking too many slots in the inventory, same with drink
- more quest giving monsters
- select a house motto, a house alignment or a policy (be a bad guy)
- civilians in town, cattle, dogs... some life!
- introduce seasons: winter and summer with special bonus attached
- add superstition and fear to how recruits and monsters behave (run away in a critical situation)
- bad experience: when a charakter gets killed by a skeleton, he gets minus something strength at the next encounter
- trophy: like garrip nullifier but with all legendary monsters. put their head over the door of the house and get a bonus, like a relic

- inhouse diplomacy between player and recruits: give them money to keep their loyalty
- change name mod: give new recruits new names
- occupational mod: develop recruits along certain career paths (go "plate armour", concentrate on ice-mage skills, etc. to specialize your own house...)
- recruit wolves instead of barbarians, you could have a pet!
- when i fire recruits from my house they could turn renegade and hate me, or join a house of my enemies or form a band somewhere out there.
- quests that allow me to improve my equipment (collect a number of things, so my sword will become stronger of transform from green to yellow after you solve a quest...)

- give/change/edit names of "my" special items
- make easier: item manager switch between shared and individual boxes in the house
- make trade item with other houses easier
- healing members of other houses should bring a diplomacy bonus
- hardcore mode for recruits (all or selected ones)
- make books tradeable with other houses via diplomacy tool, double titles in the library should be allowed, perhaps without a bonus
- add to diplomacy tool: make two houses trade mutually, encourage treaty
- walk thru other NPC mode. sometimes, with some recruits around life stone, my char gets trapped behind a spawning recruit, path blocked, same happens in dungeons from time to time.