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12-20-2011, 05:50 AM
Hi, everyone.

I didn't find what I wanted in the different threads, so I decided to create a new one for that.

I've got a Level 53 Warrior, with many pieces of armor in plate.
Right now, I have 1404 Armor.
When I look to my stats, it says : "On average, absorb 100% damage from a level 53 monster." (And it's that way since 6-7 levels. :D)
But I wonder why I'm still taking damage from level 50-51 monsters.

Btw, I'm talking about physical damage, I know that elemental damage hurts my character.
But when I'm facing 1-on-1 a Kodiak, a Styrac, a Scavenger, a Clan Hunter or anything that seems to do only physical blows, I'm still taking some damage.

So, now, I want to know how this value really works.

* The game says : "On average", when it talks about absorbing damage.
Is the armor value working, not directly, but with a random number in it to determine how much percentage / value of the blow will be absorbed ?

* Do the monsters always have a part of elemental damage in higher levels, just to counter the 100% absorb physical ?

* Maybe the shown percentage is bugged, and is not giving the effective amount of absorption the character really have ?

Thanks for your answers. :)

12-20-2011, 09:54 AM
Monsters at level 53 do damage between 1 + 0.5*53 = 27.5 and 2.5 + 1.25*53 = 68.75. On average then, they do 48.125 damage.

The way armor works in DoP is described here (http://www.soldak.com/Depths-of-Peril/Strategy/Tactics/Armor.html). Armor will randomly block some amount of damage between armor/20 and armor/40. If you have 1404 armor, it means you block between 70.2 damage and 35.1 damage, or 52.65 on average.

As you can see, your average damage blocking ability (52.65) is higher than the average monster damage for your level (48.125), so on average you block all damage. But that doesn't mean you really do block all damage, even from lower level monsters. Only when you roll a blocking amount that's equal to or higher than the monsters' damage roll, do you block 100%. At worst, you'll roll your lowest block (35.1) and monsters will roll their highest attack for the level (68.75), at which point you'll take 33.6 damage, not including critical hits and such. Champion, elites and bosses, as well as some types of monsters can also hit you for more.

12-20-2011, 11:13 AM
Okay, thank you, I didn't know the official site had that kind of info.

I'll check it out, now, if I have any questions about the mechanics of the game.

Thank you again for giving me this link. :o

02-05-2012, 09:28 PM
the only real way of getting out of encounters like that is to do one of two things-

1-What you are doing, which is amassing an armor rating that is beastly (2000+)

2-Not get hit at all. That's why rogues last so long.