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12-20-2011, 01:13 PM
Shadow, I'm trying to understand some of the quest parameters is systems.gdb

1. InitialQuestMaxLevel appears 4 times:
InitialQuestMaxLevel 2
MinInitialQuests 2
MaxInitialQuests 4

InitialQuestMaxLevel 6
MinInitialQuests 4
MaxInitialQuests 6

InitialQuestMaxLevel 20
MinInitialQuests 6
MaxInitialQuests 10

InitialQuestMaxLevel 100
MinInitialQuests 9
MaxInitialQuests 15

why the repetition? Does it apply to the 4 difficulty levels?

2. What does the following mean:
InitialQuestMinLevelOffset -1
InitialQuestMaxLevelOffset 2
Is it the level of the quest relative to your level or the town's level?

3. EasyQuestLevelDiff 3
HardQuestLevelDiff 1
Why does the hard quest have a smaller number than an easy quest? What is the diff from?

4. Is there anything that determines at what level of the dungeon quests spawn?

12-20-2011, 02:59 PM
1) Basically it uses the first one that applies to the starting level of the world. So a starting level between 0 and 2 uses 2-4 initial quests, anything between 3 and 6 uses 4-6 initial quests, ...

2) InitialQuestsMinLevelOffset/InitialQuestMaxsLevelOffset defines how far the starting quests can get from the world starting level (basically the town's).

3) EasyQuestLevelDiff/HardQuestLevelDiff are how far below the player's level that non-initial quests can go.

4. It uses the quest level and puts it on the dungeon level that best fits that quest level.

12-20-2011, 03:07 PM

1. Is there anything that determines how high above the town's level non-initial quests can spawn? ie. when I play 15-level dungeons, most quests appear to be in the first 7 levels or so. Is there a parameter that determines that, or will non-initial quests always be at most my level and at least Easy/HardQuestLevelDiff below my level?
2. If EasyQuestLevelDiff is 1, and if I happen to be a level 50 character in a level 1 town, where will the dungeon spawn my initial quests? EDIT: nevermind, I tested it and they generate at the bottom of the dungeon.